Kaylee Bryant – Biography, Height, Age, Boyfriend and Family Facts

Kaylee Bryant is a beautiful thespian with a background in modeling as well. She began her journey in both careers at a very young age. While her acting journey started at the age of eight, she began modeling before eight and has never slowed down since then.

Bryant owes her rise to prominence to her acting skills. She has appeared on several projects in the industry and also shared screen time with notable actors and actresses on the filming set. Legacies, The Vampires Dairies, The Originals, Dog With A Blog, and Criminal Minds are some of the Hollywood projects she has taken part in.

Kaylee Bryant – Biography, Age

Kaylee Bryant is the only daughter of her parents and the only sister of her brother. She was welcomed into her family on the first day of November 1997, when her mom gave birth to her in Malibu, California. Though she is popularly known as Kaylee Bryant, her birth name is actually Kaylee Kaneshiro. The actress holds an American nationality by reason of her birth in the U.S but her ethnicity is not known.

As a very private individual, a lot is still not known about Kaylee’s educational achievements. However, the Malibu native is believed to have completed her basic learning levels in the U.S even though the names of the institutions she attended are missing from the picture.

Bryant began paddling her own canoe in the industry at the age of eight. So far, she has featured in and also guest-starred in an impressive number of projects. Some of her professional credits include Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2018), Speechless (2017), What Goes Around Comes Around (2016), Criminal Minds (2016), Backstrom (2015), Mary Loss of Soul (2014), Kickin’ It (2012-2014), Dog with a Blog (2013), Body of Proof (2012), CondomNation (2006), and many more.

Of all her projects in Hollywood, she is best known for her roles as Josie Saltzman in the CW TV drama series Legacies, a spin-off series of The Originals that also featured characters from The Vampire Diaries. 

Family Facts

While Kaylee Bryant is no stranger to the spotlight, the same cannot be said of her family members. She has a great relationship with her dad Garrett Kaneshiro, mom Kristina Kaneshiro, and older brother Kane Kaneshiro. The trio has been very supportive of the actress’s career right from day one and Kaylee has never made headlines for having a tension-filled relationship or falling out with any of them even though her family has had its fair share of ups and downs.

Information revolving around Garrett, Kristina, and Kane’s personal lives is still a mystery and not open to public scrutiny right now. However, it is assumed that they work and earn a decent living.

Who Is Kaylee Bryant’s Boyfriend?

It is always inspiring to see celebrities spending their single lives in a wonderful manner or in relationships that are not wrought with tension and scandals. While many people believe that a healthy relationship with the right dude makes every woman happier, a lot of women, these days, are beginning to prove that this fact is not necessarily true.

In the case of Kaylee Bryant, it is difficult to tell if she is seeing any man right now or not. From all indications, it appears she is single, as she has never been seen hanging out with any man neither has she made headlines in the past for being in a romantic relationship with anyone. Many suspect that she could be that she is dating someone secretly.

What Is Kaylee Bryant’s Height?

Seeing Kaylee Bryant walking around in stilettos most times easily leaves one wondering what her real height is. She is not amazon but she towers over the likes of , Frankie Sandford, , Cheryl Cole and many others who stand a few inches above 5 feet.

The actress, coming in at 5 feet 5 inches, may be considered average in Hollywood, but it has never held her back from doing exploits on set. Information about her weight and body measurements has not made it to the internet yet but Bryant rocks a comfortable weight that suits her body build and physical features.

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