Kbubblez – Bio, Age, Height, Family Facts, All You Need To Know

Professional Gaming is mostly a thing that is associated with the male gender. It is not to say that females don’t play video games but you don’t get to come across them so easily, talk more of a professional female video game player. However, a good number of them have been coming up lately in the industry and are quite good at what they do. Some of them who have over the years proven that they can hold their ground anytime are Scarlett [Sasha Hostyn], Ricki Ortiz [Ricki Sophie Ortiz], Sarah Lou [Sarah Harrison], Alyona “Candy” Kuvaeva, [Janet Rose], Julia “Juliano” Kiran, Chen “GLHuiHui” YuYan, and of course our cynosure in this article, Kbubblez, whose real name you will soon learn below.

Kbubblez Bio (Age)

Kbubblez, as she is more famously known, is an American Twitch star and video game player whose birth name is Kailey Hankins. She was born on the 17th day of October 1998 in the United States of America. The names of her parents are not yet public knowledge but for those who have known her for some time and have been following her on Twitch, they might recollect meeting her dad in one of her live streams. This suggests that her parents are very much a part of her as she lived and probably still lives with them. We will come to that later.

From what we learned on her about me page on Twitch, Kbubblez has always been an avid video game lover. She disclosed that her reward for completing elementary school with high honor was actually the BC expansion pack in WoW! Thus as she got older, Kailey got more and more involved with video games such that she decided to pursue a career thereof. At the moment, her Twitch profile has it that she is in college but the school she is attending and her course of study are not known.

On Twitch, Kbubblez, Bubbles, Kailey or Bubz is known for IRL [in real life] streaming and as such, will be mostly seen in IRL section. She began streaming in July 2016 and streams games like Fortnite, Sims, Overwatch, WoW, Hearthstone and of course, League of Legends. She has got 10s of thousands of followers on her channel and encourages them to ask her questions if they will like to know more about her when she is streaming live.

Family Facts

Sometime in November 2017, Kailey’s Dad bumped into her while she was having a live stream and confronted Kbubblez based on an issue they had in their family. He did say things that embarrassed his daughter. However, Kbubblez’s fans loved the encounter and did go the extra length to share what they just witnessed on Twitter with hilarious memes. The Twitch star later came on Twitter and wrote about her dad saying “The man himself, love him so much.”

This is the much that is known about her family members. We don’t know for certain if she has siblings, who they are, and what they do for a living. In like manner, no disclosures have been made about her mother, neither have we seen her bump into one of her live streams as her father did. Be that as it may, it is believed that Kbubblez enjoys the best of support from her family members.

Kbubblez’s Height

A lot of information still remains unknown about Kbubblez and one of them at this time is her height. Nevertheless, going by her pictures on social media, she is neither a short lady nor one too tall. Kailey sometime ago made a post on with one of her pictures asking her fans how tall they think she actually is.

What’s Her Net Worth?

The Twitch streamer earns a substantial amount from her activities online but her exact net worth is not yet known. What is available now are mere estimates; some sources claim she’s worth as much as $1 million whereas others have estimated only $100,000. If anything, this shows that the total value of her riches is best known to her.

Who Is Kbubblez’s Boyfriend?

At the moment, it seems Kbubblez is not in a relationship but in the past, she had a boyfriend who took her for granted. Her story has it that on a certain night when Kailey felt strongly that he was up to something weird, she followed him for 7 hours in the night and ended up confronting him at a place where he said he wasn’t at but was actually there.

Sometime in April 2019, she made a post on Twitter which she tagged Abreezy @abreezyENT, a fellow Twitch star on it. She wrote that she is blessed to have him in her life. When one of her fans asked if he was her boyfriend, she replied: “no we just friends”.

On a brighter side, the twitch streamer sometime in March 2019, posted a video which she titled “learning how 2 find a boyfriend”. On the video, she listed her good and bad qualities and entertained a call from a male who seemed to be interested in her.

Aside from these instances, we have got no further information on her relationship status. More so, a lot of her online profile lists her relationship status as single.

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