Kendrick Lamar’s Girlfriend, Wife, Sister And House

Kendrick Lamar’s Girlfriend, Wife, Sister And House

Since he started dominating the rap scene, everyone that is anyone has wanted to know more and more about the artist. Why wouldn’t they? He is talented, he is real and he’s ‘humble’ (see what we did there?). Oh well, now it is time for us to check out stuff other than the star and by that we mean; Kendrick Lamar’s girlfriend, his sister, and his house. Sit tight.

Kendrick Lamar’s Girlfriend/Wife

He is as talented as he is loyal and Kendrick Lamar’s girlfriend is just as loyal as the two have been involved since their high school days and they seem to be stronger as ever now and for the ladies out there hoping to slide into his DM’s, here’s a useful piece of information. Whitney Alford has recently traded up, from being Kendrick Lamar’s girlfriend to be his fiancee following their engagement.

If you need more proof that she is his day one ride or die, we can give it to you.  Our girl Whitney actually sang background vocals on Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta, so you know she has been around for more than a minute. She has always supported his dream and is constantly seen by his side. In addition to that, Kendrick has referred to her as his best friend, so we all know that bond will be really hard to break.

Kendrick Lamar’s Girlfriend, Wife, Sister And House

Kendrick is one of those celebs who values his privacy above all else, and he has even been known to request during interviews that no questions about his private life should be asked. So, you bet that there is not much information out there about the love of his life.

Kendrick Lamar’s Sister

Most people do not know this, but the star has a younger sister and her name is Kayla Duckworth, bear in mind that the star keeps his life quite private. Nevertheless, here is what we could dig up on his sister, well you already know that her name is Kayla, she is in her teens and she got pregnant when she was just 14.

Kendrick Lamar’s Girlfriend, Wife, Sister And House

She revealed everything in a Youtube video, saying that her mom and brother were quite sad when they found out, Kendrick even rapped about the incident in ‘u’ on, To Pimp a Butterfly. In the song, he is crying and drinking a little too much. For those of you who may not remember the lyrics, here is a recap.

What can I blame you for!! I can name several, Situations, I’ll start with your little sister bakin’. A baby inside, just a teenager, where your patience? Where were your antennas? Where was the influence you speak of? You preached in front of 100,000 but never reached her. I fuckin’ tell you, you fuckin’ failure—you ain’t no leader!I never liked you, forever despise you—I don’t need you! The world doesn’t need you, don’t let them deceive you.

Kendrick Lamar’s Girlfriend, Wife, Sister And House

Kayla is proud of her baby girl though and seems to be embracing motherhood quite well, the really cute pictures of her with her daughter on social media testify to that.

Kendrick Lamar House

Kendrick is as humble as they come, there is no doubt about that. He could afford a crib that costs millions of dollars but the artist chose to go for a house that cost a little above $500,000. Obviously, that is still a lot of cheddar, but by ‘successful rap artist’ standard, that is chicken change.

The 4 bedroom house cost $524,000 to be precise and it is located an hour away from Los Angeles, in Eastvale. Unlike Calabasas, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood, Eastvale is not a well-known neighborhood for the creme de la creme types. This makes sense seeing that he has always emphasized the dangers of materialism both in interviews and on tracks like ‘Vanity Slaves Pt. 2’.