Khoa Nguyen Biography – 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Sometimes life happens right before your eyes. Other times you only get to experience it through the lens of a camera, for Khoa Nguyen, it seems he prefers the later. If you do not like being filmed then you should probably avoid hanging around people like Khoa who make a living as YouTuber. Khoa is known mostly as one-half of the YouTube vlogging channel KKandbabyJ. He has racked up some serious points throughout his social media career and personal life. Here are 5 facts about Nguyen that will give note insight into his personality.

Khoa Nguyen’s Biography

Most of the information about Nguyen’s life before his YouTube days continue to elude the public and his fanbase as he has chosen to keep a tight lid on his information. There is nothing known about his parents, siblings, or education except for the fact that he did his high school education in Florida. However, it is known that Khoa is from Mississippi and is of Vietnamese heritage. He was born on November 20, 1991, in Gulfport, Mississippi.

After his schooling days, the social media star held some odd jobs to make ends meet. Since 2007, however, he has served as co-owner of Cajun Seafood, a restaurant owned by his family in New Orleans. In August 2015, he also assumed the role of CEO at Another Media Group. A month later, Khoa Nguyen also became a realtor by joining La Rosa Realty.

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Khoa Nguyen

1. He is married to Keren Swanson

Khoa’s wife, Keren Swanson, is the other half of the KKandbabyJ YouTube channel. And it appears the husband and wife partnership is paying dividends as their fame has been growing steadily. They are also doing well on the marriage front as they have since welcomed 3 children: Jackson, Landon, and Sutton. However, they only obtained their marriage license in June 2019.

Khoa Nguyen and Keren Swanson met each other while they were still in high school. They started dating in 2008, their late teens and were on and off for a while. Eventually, they moved in together sometime in their early twenties.

They initially had to work some odd jobs to be able to live together and support each other. Khoa and his wife had already created their YouTube channel on November 3, 2012, a few weeks before Nguyen’s 21st birthday. However, the couple did not post anything for approximately 3 years until April 26, 2015. Their first video was titled 17 Weeks Pregnant and belly shot! Week by Week!.”.

The most popular video on the channel was the one they posted about the birth of their second child, Landon titled “BABY BOY’S BIRTH VLOG! | LANDON HAS LANDED”. As of June 2019, the video has recorded over 14 million views.

Since then, the channel has grown into a huge success. Khoa and Keren also post different kinds of videos from prank and challenge videos to comedy and reaction videos as well as personal blogs. KKandbabyJ has well over 1,300 videos as of June 2019 and has garnered over 1.1 million subscriber and millions of views. They were able to rack up this number of videos because they post daily on their channel.

2. Nguyen’s friends did not like Keren at the beginning

During the early days of their relationship, the going wasn’t as smooth as it is now. When Khoa first started going out with Keren, many of Khoa’s female friends did not approve of Keren or their relationship. Most of them, like Khoa, were at least a year older than her. Their disapproval was part of the reasons the couple broke up several times before they eventually stuck with each other. Keren has now built a much better relationship with all of Khoa’s friends.

3. Khoa Nguyen and his wife have their personal YouTube channels

While their KKandbabyJ channel is by far their most successful project, Khoa also manages his own YouTube channel. Keren has hers too.

The YouTuber doesn’t seem to take his personal account too seriously though. The account which he initially titled Khoa sells Florida, has been active since at least June 2016, however, as of May 2019, Khoa Nguyen has only uploaded about 11 videos on the channel. In the same time period, however, Khoa has been able to record over 82,000 subscribers.

His wife is doing better on the personal channel front. She uploaded her first video on May 8, 2016, and as of May 2019, she has ten videos more than Khoa and has gained over 449,000 subscribers. Khoa though is also active on YouNow and Twitch.

4. Khoa Nguyen washes his kids in the kitchen sink

Khoa Nguyen is not a stranger to filming his daily activities. His first video on his personal channel was titled “Day in the Life of Khoa”. The video showed him start his day by 7:29 am and end by 1:14 am. It also recorded him doing a lot of things including visiting a Chinese food restaurant, filming with his drone and playing tennis.

The highlight, however, was when Khoa came back home to his wife and kids. He then proceeded to give his infant son a thorough bath of all places – in the kitchen sink.

5. He posted his breakup with his ex-girlfriend on Reddit

Before YouTube and the success that followed, Nguyen had already proven himself as a filming fiend. Sometime before he started dating Keren, he filmed his break up with his then-girlfriend whose identity remains unknown.

He was seated in the driver’s seat of his car with his camera facing him. His girlfriend’s voice could be heard shouting at him. The video revealed that she broke up with him for liking another girl’s picture and following her on social media.

The girl eventually realized that he was filming the event and slapped him across his head sending his snapback flying off his head. Khoa didn’t seem bothered by the breakup. In fact, he posted the video to Reddit and in 8 hours, he was shocked to see that it had made it to the platform’s front page. He also received many responses with people ensuring him it was good riddance while others shared their similar experiences.

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