Kid Buu – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Facts about the Rapper

Controversy is an age-old strategy used by brands to stay relevant and have an influence on the market. Rapper Kid Buu appears to have adopted this strategy as he is more known for his antics rather than the quality of the music he makes, which many industry insiders believe to not be up to par. Regardless of the not so flattering opinions, the rapper has managed to garner a huge following as can be seen on his social media accounts and the number of subscribers his YouTube channel has. Read on to find out more about his career and other facts.

Kid Buu – Bio (Age)

There are conflicting reports as regards to the date and actual place of birth of Kid Buu. Some reports put his date of birth as the 11th of April, 1994, while others claim he is way older than that and was born at an unspecified date in 1988. Same goes for his place of birth; some reports say he was born at the St. Elizabeth Child Care Center in Jersey City, New Jersey while others say he was born outside of the United States, in Ontario, Canada.

Amid all the confusion over his birth date and place, what all the publications and write-ups about the rapper seem to agree on is that his birth name is Markquez Lao Santiago. They also agree that he was raised primarily by a single mother whose identity remains unknown to the public. Details about his childhood are few and far between as it is said that his family moved to South Florida at some point in search of a better life. Here, he reportedly trained in martial arts and attended public school before he was later homeschooled.

After completing his education, Kid Buu was said to have made a living as an online vendor of toys and other products before later launching his music career. After going through a name change, the rapper came up with his debut album titled K A N E D A, released on the 13th of April, 2017. In the following year, on February 13, 2018, he released his second album titled Blind For Love.

Following those bodies of work, Kidd Buu has released a number of quite successful singles, including Poppa, Death 2 Soundcloud, Frozen Soul, with Miami rapper Icy Narco, Double Up (Run It Up), On Me, and Dead Roses (Never Wanted You).

Net Worth

While Kid Buu still has a long way to go before he can be considered a mainstream musician, the rapper can be proud of what he has achieved so far as regards to his earnings. His songs have garnered millions of views on YouTube and have also been streamed millions of times on SoundCloud and other platforms; all of which translate to him having an estimated net worth of $300 thousand.

With more songs and collaborations said to be in the pipeline, the rapper will soon have a certified chart topper on his hands and would be able to at least open up shows for other bigger artists, all of which would again translate to higher earnings and a much bigger net worth in the coming years.

Other Facts about the Rapper

1. At the launch of his career, Kid Buu used to go by the moniker Humongous The God aka HXTXG. He would later change this to his current Dragon Ball Z inspired name which he now goes by.

2. He reportedly has a fraternal twin named Jason.

3. Kid Buu has collaborated heavily with producer Oohdem Beatz. Together, the pair worked on his sophomore album Blind For Love as well as the 2018 single Poppa.

4. In 2018, following a short relationship with social media star Sarah Penman, the young lady released a video on YouTube accusing him of fraud, among other things. Ms. Penman made the claim that the rapper, who at the time most people thought was born in 1994, was actually way older than he said he was as he was allegedly born in 1988. She further accused him of infidelity, faking his personality as a musician, and not getting paid for any of his shows.

In another bombshell, she made it known to the public that Kid Buu was allegedly previously married and had a daughter. She divulged that the woman who the rapper was married to sent her messages on Instagram to warn her about what he is capable of.

The rapper never addressed any of the claims as he moved on to date stripper turned reality star, instead.

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