Kim Go-eun Bio, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Movies, TV Shows and Other Facts

Kim Go-eun Bio, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Movies, TV Shows and Other Facts

With quite a dramatic entrance into the limelight, South Korean screen darling Kim Go-Eun swept up several awards and recognition with her debut film. The actress stole the hearts of many after nailing her role as Eun-gyo in the critically acclaimed film – A Muse which was released in 2012. Her stellar performance did not just secure her prominent fame, she also clinched accolades including a Blue Dragon Film Award, Grand Bell Award as well as Korean Association of Film Critics Award it. In fact, she secured most of the Best New Actress awards in South Korea the same year she debuted.

Subsequently, she has become a regular face on the big and small screens, appearing in films like Coin Locker Girl (2015) and tv series Cheese in the Trap, all of which were also met with much success.

Kim Go-eun Bio, Age

The TV sensation was born on July 2, 1991, in the city of Seoul, South Korea. However, her parents moved to Beijing, China in 1994 when she was three years old. The family stayed there for about ten years.

Go-eun’s first interest in the entertainment industry was to become a filmmaker. The inspiration was birthed from watching Chen Kaige’s Together more than a few times. She cried each time she saw it and wanted to be a part of the movie world but instead of pursuing her initial dream of becoming a filmmaker, the actress found herself in theatre by a stroke of chance. She enrolled in the School of Drama at Korea National University of Arts in a bid to hone her skills.

In 2012, without any experience as an actress, Kim Go-Eun launched her acting career in the film A Muse to critical acclaim. That was her ticket to stardom and she made the most of it. Interestingly, she stumbled on the role that shot her to instant fame by chance after meeting the director Jung Ji-woo through friends. She found herself auditioning for the film without any time to prepare. Notwithstanding, Go-eun stood out among some 300 actresses who auditioned for the same part. The director described her skills as simply outstanding.

Kim, however, described her first experience in front of the camera as nerve-breaking. She was a bag of nerves at first and couldn’t imagine doing it for the rest of her life. However, she got hooked after a few scenes and couldn’t imagine life without acting. Nonetheless, Go-eun saw the need to build herself academically which led to a hiatus in her acting career from 2013 to 2015 after which she returned with a bang. She made her screen come back in the thriller Monster, tactfully portraying her versatility as a developmentally disabled woman who sought to get revenge for her murdered sister.

If her debut was impressive, her comeback was even more captivating with movie roles coming her way from all angles. She was cast alongside Kim Hye-soo in Coin locker Girl in 2015 and also got her first invitation to the Festival de Cannes the same year. Her next movie appearance was in Memories of the Sword, alongside actress Jeon Do-Yeon who happens to be her role model. Hot on the heels of Memories of the Sword were The Advocate: A Missing Body and Canola.

Her television debut came in 2016 in the cable series Cheese in the Trap followed by Kim Eun-sook’s fantasy drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Her Movies and TV Shows

The films she has graced include:

A Muse (2012) as Han Eun-gyo

Yeonga (2012) as Yung-ah – Short film

Neverdie Butterfly (2013) as Moon Soo-yeon

Monster (2014) as Bok-soon

Coin Locker Girl (2015) as Il-young

Memories of the Sword (2015) as Seol-hee / Hong-Yi

The Advocate: A Missing Body (2015) as Jin Sun-mi

Canola (2016) as Hye-Ji

Sunset in My Hometown (2018) as Sun-mi

The Television series she has featured in include:

Cheese in the Trap (2016) as Hong Seol tvN

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017) as Ji Eun-Tak.

Is Kim Go-eun Dating? Who’s Her Boyfriend?

The beautiful actress has been in a relationship with the veteran actor, Shin Ha Kyun. Notably, Ha Kyun is seventeen years her senior but their relationship blossomed nonetheless. The couple met while scuba diving and built their friendship to the point of living together.

Kim Go-eun Bio, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Movies, TV Shows and Other Facts
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Nevertheless, the rumor mill on social media recently buzzed about their breakup and how Kim Go-Eun is now dating her co-star Gong Yoo. Apparently, that information holds no water and there’s no confirmation on her dating status at the moment.

Her Height

The actress stands at an average height of 1.67 M. Most of her body endowments are presumed to be natural as she claims that she has not had any surgery to modify them.

Other Facts About Kim Go-eun

Her sun sign is Cancer.

She was born in Seoul, South Korea.

The Korean beauty is a Protestant Christian in terms of religion.

She speaks the Korean language as well as Mandarin languages.

Her voice was featured on the track Attraction, by Tearliner. The track was used for the television drama, Cheese in the Trap which she starred in.

Together by Chen Kaige sparked her interest in the film industry.

She has accumulated a net worth of $5 Million as estimated in 2017.