Kim Marie Kessler Wiki, Kids, Biography, Married, Husband, Facts 

Kim Marie Kessler Wiki, Kids, Biography, Married, Husband, Facts 

There’re so many things that could push one to celebrity status. Getting married to famous celebrities and societal bigwigs in any sphere is absolutely one of them. And the case of Kim Marie Kessler is just a perfect example.

Kim Marie Kessler Wiki, Married

Kessler is best known as the wife of WWE superstar, Randall Keith (a.k.a Randy Orton). Until her marriage to Orton, she was not known, even to the media. In fact, she started receiving attention and recognition after she tied the knot with her famous wrestler husband.

Keith and Kessler, who was living in New York at the time, met shortly after the former separated from his first wife Samantha Speno in 2013. Famous stuntman and actor Orton and Kim got engaged in July 2015 during a vacation trip at Bora Bora. They, however, tied the knot on November 14, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Because Kim is not as famous as her husband, there’s less information about her family, education, and whatnot. However, we can confirm that she holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Her marriage to Orton has so far produced a beautiful daughter – Brooklyn Rose Orton born November 22, 2016. Marie is said to have had three other children from previous relationships. Brooklyn’s birth brought the number of Kessler’s children to four and Orton’s to two.

Kim Marie Kessler’s Husband

Best known as Randy Orton, Marie’s husband Randal Keith Orton, is a professional American wrestler signed to the WWE. The 13-time world champion also banks as an actor and has starred in prominent films like 12 Rounds: Reloaded (2013), That’s What I Am (2012), and The Marine 2 (2009).

Kim Marie Kessler Wiki, Kids, Biography, Married, Husband, Facts 
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He was born to Elaine and Bob Orton Jr on April 1, 1980, in Knoxville, Tennessee. A descent of Cherokee, his father was a renowned wrestler after his grandfather, Bob Orton Sr. a respected wrestler also who made waves during his time in the ring.

Orton has two siblings – Nate and Rebecca. His younger brother Nate is a prominent comedian while his sister is not well known. He schooled at Hazelwood Central High School, Florissant, Missouri, from where he graduated in 1998. He was once a member of the United States Marine Corps but was discharged in 1999 after abandoning his post twice and going against an order from a senior colleague.

When Randal Keith Orton was about to dabble in wrestling, his parents never supported him. His father, who knew what wrestling entails, even persuaded him not to do the sport but all their pleas fell on deaf ears. Orton’s wrestling debut was in 2000 at the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling (MMWA-SICW). Today, he has won 16 champions in the WWE and is currently performing on the American entertainment company’s SmackDown Brand.

Orton’s Ex-Wife – Speno

Speno, born in Missouri, the United States of America, on January 11, 1982, was married to Orton for just five years following their classy engagement in 2005. They formally tied the knot on September 21, 2007.

In the course of their marriage, Orton was always away due to the nature of his job and had little or no time for his family. And because Samantha couldn’t keep up with his absence and whatnot, this cracked their blissful marriage.

Determined to end it all, Speno filed for a divorce in 2012, citing “irretrievably broken marriage”. The couple finalized their divorce in June 2013, but not without a child. Sam and Orton’s union produced a daughter, Alanna Marie Orton who arrived on July 12, 2008.
Unlike Kessler, Samantha is a star who rose to stardom for her roles in the 2007 TV series Sunset Tan. To her credit, she’s also a makeup artist, a gymnastics instructor, and a famous wardrobe stylist.

She owns her own jewelry line – Rocks and Stars and a firm called Stultify Incorporation Limited. These businesses of hers were all set up and heavily financed from the support she receives from her ex-husband. Speno is currently single.

Facts About Kim Marie Kessler

1. Prior to her marriage to Orton, she was a diehard fan of Orton and an avid watcher of the WWE. She is still a loyal fan who believes in the wrestler even in the face of defeat.

2. Kim and her husband have a dog called Spike. The couple adopted the adorable creature while hiking during a family vacation in Bora Bora. She also refers to Spike as her ‘fancy little boy’.

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