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Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott is an American freelance illustrator and author. She came into the limelight following her marriage with the famous American rapper Eminem. Their strained relationship has often resulted in hiccups but the love bond they shared was able to keep their relationship for about 20 years.

Just recently, Kimberly has been in the spotlight following some media charade fueled by her ex-husband. She often attempted suicide but then does it worth it? She was spat on the stage and was made to become an object of ridicule by Eminem.

Have you wondered what Kim’s story was and what her history was with the famous rapper? Well…check out everything you need to know about Kim below.

Kimberly Anne Scott – Bio

Eminem’s ex-wife was born in January 1975, in Warren Michigan, United States. She was one of the two children born to Kathleen Sluck and her husband Casmir. She has got the second half, her twin sister named Dawn Scott and they were raised by their mother Kathleen and stepfather.

Her father’s name was Casmir Sluck who was said to be an alcoholic. He often maltreated and abused his wife and children whenever he was heavily drunk and this affected the upbringing of their children Kim and her sister Dawn.

Kim and her twin sister attended Lincoln High School where she met Marshal Bruce Mathers III now known by his stage name Eminem. As at the time, Eminem was just starting his rapping career, he was 15 years old while Kim was just 13.

How did Kim and Eminem meet?

The duo met each other at a mutual friend’s party, there Eminem was doing his rap standing on the table shirtless, he was doing LL Cool J’s hit song “I’m Bad” and his swag was able to captivate the heart of Kim who instantly fell in love.

After a while, the young lovers started dating and this led to Kim and her sister Dawn eloping from their home to live with Eminem. The rapper’s mother Debbie Mathers-Briggs, however, accepted Kim and her sister and took care of them all, after hearing the story of their constant abuse by their father.

Having a bigger responsibility, Eminem got a job at St. Claire Shores as a bartender, a job he combined with his rapping career. He was often involved in lots of rap battle at St. Claire and one day he caught the attention of Marky Bass who was a local producer at the time. Marky was determined to help Eminem attain a greater height in his career.

However, the young rapper was on the verge of taking his career to the next level, when Kim unexpectedly took in and became pregnant with Eminem’s child. This posed a threat to the rapper’s career and also caused a rift in the relationship between the young lovers who were still struggling at that time.

Despite the challenges he faced at the time, Eminem in a bid to give their child a better life resolved to work extra hard for the sake of their child and this almost ended his career as a rapper.

Personal Life: Parker Scott, Husband, Kids, and Family

Talking about Kimberly Anne Scott’s personal life, it has always been about her relationship with Eminem, and the duo has been in an on and off relationship. The young couple welcomed their first baby named Hailie Jade Mathers on December 25, 1995, and the arrival of Hailie posed a bigger responsibility for the couple and this resulted in series of issues which led to a break up in 1996.

After their separation, the couple went their separate ways. Kim went away with their daughter while Eminem went back to stay with his mother. Despite staying away for more than two years, the couple was able to reconcile their differences and later got back together in 1999, they also tied the knot at St. Joseph Mo the same year.

The marriage lasted for just two years before they got divorced in 2001. However, five years after their divorce the couple yet again sorted their differences and got married for the second time in January 2006. To everyone’s greatest surprise the second marriage ended after 3 months.

Prior to their second marriage, Kim has been in other relationships including Eric Hatter with whom she had a child named Whitney Scott. Whitney was born in 2002 and was adopted by Eminem in 2005. Kim and Eminem also adopted Dawn Scott’s daughter Alaina Scott after her twin sister died following an overdose of heroin in 2016.

Just for the records, Kimberly Ann Scott had three biological children including Hailie Jade Mathers, Whitney Scott, and Parker Scott and she adopted Alaina Scott, her twin sister’s daughter.

Life After Divorce

After the second divorce with Eminem, life became unbearable as Kim did so many things to end her own life and misery.

She was reportedly charged with cocaine possession in 2003, she was fined and was kept on probation which eventually led to one-month Jail term after she violated her probation.

Similarly, in 2015, while going through depression following her ex-husband’s stage abuse; Kim attempted suicide by crashing her car into a standing pole after she was highly intoxicated. Eminem’s ex-wife, however, admitted to the crime as being intentional, you certainly loose friends but the pain comes when you realize you have no one around whom you can talk to, this was Kim’s position.

On a lighter note, Kimberly Anne Scott having passed through all sorts of relationship problems has also accomplished so much for being a good mother and her children are testimonies to this fact. Despite all that happened, she has always wanted the best for her children and today they are doing well in their chosen career.

Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth

The ex-wife of the American rapper Eminem has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2017 and she has worked in many places including children’s book, greeting cards and lost more.

Quick Facts about Kimberly Anne Scott

Name: Kimberly Anne Scott

Date of birth: January 9, 1975

Age: 42 years

Birthplace: US

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Weight: 68kg

Married: Yes

Spouse: Eminem

Kids: Hailie Jade, Alaina Marie, Whitney Scott Mathers, Parker Scott

Divorce: Eminem

Siblings: Dawn Scott

Birth/Zodiac/Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Net Worth: $2 million

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