Kimberly Stewart Daughter, Father, Baby, Net Worth, Siblings 

Kimberly Stewart is one woman that you may know as a model or actress, or fashion designer, or something else. The American woman has been able to fill her hands with many things and is still able to stand herself out in a rather good way.

Nevertheless, she has not acted in too many movies which makes her more popular as Rod Stewarts Daughter.

Kimberly Stewart Bio, Wiki

Kimberly Stewart was born Kimberly Alana Stewart on August 20, 1979, in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. It was here that she was raised.

 A daughter of British rock singer and songwriter, Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart who was an actress and model, it is not surprising that Kimberly cut out for the entertainment industry.

For her education, she studied in Sherman Oaks where she attended the Buckley Schools. She went further to study acting as a student of Ivana Chubbuck who heads a drama school in Los Angeles. She was also a student of Janet Alhanti.

Kimberly also went to London to improve her training in the art and make herself a better actress. Considering the number of movies she has been a part of, she has not done very well.

As an actress, the woman began with a TV show Going to California in which she only got to be a part of the pilot episode in 2001. Next, she was a part of Undeclared (2002), then she was a part of Hercule Poirot in 2010.

She also had her own show in 2010, Living With Kimberly Stewart. After this, she appeared in a few more movies such as Homecoming in 2011 and Lost Lake in 2012. That summarises her acting career, except if you want to include that she was a part of Elevation’s Razoreyes video in 2008.

The daughter of Rock and Roll legend is also a model and she has worked for Tommy Hilfiger, America, and Italian Vogue, and MaxMara, among others, and she has appeared on the cover of different magazines including Tatler and German Vanity Fair.

The woman has not been without her dramas, as she revealed that she once appeared nude in a photoshoot except for a crucifix which infuriated the Vatican into banning her from entering the city.

She also once stole P Diddy’s limo even though according to her, “I prefer to say that I borrowed it without permission, though. What happened was that we were all on his boat in St Tropez and I was tired and wanted to get back to my hotel. So I climbed into his Mercedes-Benz Maybach and took off. I’ve seen him since then and he seems to have forgiven me. It was a one-off thing. I’m not a kleptomaniac, honest.”

Kimberly Stewart Daughter, Dating

Looking at the relationship life of Kimberly, no one describes it as rush in and the rush will be anywhere near being wrong. Even though that is not to suggest that she has not had relatively long relationships, but she has had many short ones. Literally many, except if you don’t consider dating up to 15 men as many.

Her first relationship was with the singer, West Scantlin. While the period of their relationship is unknown, her next was with Cisco Adle. After less than a year of going out, the two got engaged, only to later break up after 3 years as a couple.

She later dated Jack Osbourne, Joe Francis, and Alex Orbison all between 2003 and 2004.

By 2006, she dated Calum Best, Talan Torriero, Scott Caan, and Jason Mewes. After dating Torriero who was 19 while the model and actress were 26, for 7 months, they got engaged only to break up 15 days later.

She went on to date different men including Benicio Del Toro for whom she had a daughter, Delilah.

Kimberly Stewart’s baby, Delilah, was born in 2011, and she has been the one that has been pulling both Kimberly and Benicio together, even though that is not in a romantic way.

Net worth

As an actress, model, socialite, reality TV star, and fashion designer, she has so many things working for her. With all these, it is hard to expect that she doesn’t have a very beautiful Net Worth.

 Kimberly Stewart has a net worth which is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million.

Kimberly Stewart Height and Body Measurements

A very attractive blond with a nice body, Stewart has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a bodyweight of 105 lbs. (48Kg). She has a body measurement of 32-25-35 inches; a bra size of 32B, a waist of 25 inches, and a hip size of 32 inches.

‘I was 18 when I got my breasts done and I think I got them at an age when I wasn’t secure about myself,’ she revealed.