Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Family And The Place They Call Home

Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Family And The Place They Call Home

He spent about 20 years building a stellar basketball career, but that was not the only thing the star has been building up over the years and he has the family to prove it. So, it’s time to find out if he’s as good at being a family man as he was on the court, let’s check out Kobe Bryant’s wife, the rest of his clan and the place they call home.

Kobe Bryant’s Wife

You may have seen her or heard of her, either way, one thing is certain, she is one fine specimen of a woman, also she does not age. Her name is Vanessa Marie Bryant but she was born Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta Laine on May 5, 1982. She was born in Huntington Beach, California, to Mexican parents, but her dad really wasn’t in the picture as her parent’s divorced when she was 3.

She was a video vixen at quite a young age, and that was actually how she met Kobe. She was filming a music video as an extra when Kobe happened to be in the same building and they instantly clicked. Here’s the juicy part, the Latina beauty was still in high school at the time.

Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Family And The Place They Call Home

Anyway, that did not stop them from being together and when she was 18 years old to his 22 years of age, they tied the knot. It was a bit awkward for them at the time because Kobe’s parents did not approve of her becoming Kobe’s wife. They didn’t even attend the couple’s 2001 wedding.

The term spicy Latina was actually made for her, the athlete’s wife has been known to cause a little drama here and there. She was once sued by a maid, apparently she ‘badgered, harassed, and humiliated her during her two-week stay there. So what finally broke her?

She mistakenly put a $690 blouse in the washing machine and Vanessa allegedly demanded that she put her hand in a bag of dog doo-doo to retrieve the price tag. The case was settled out of court though. She also had some beef with Khloe Kardashian, back when the reality TV star was still a Laker wife, the words ‘fake wife’ may have been used.

Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Family And The Place They Call Home

Despite all the drama she has dished out, she has gotten her fair share back, especially in her marital home. She stayed with Kobe after his sexual assault trial, she forgave him for his ‘mistake of adultery,’ and she called off their divorce that would have gotten her a jackpot.

Did we mention that the couple did not sign a prenup, she would have walked away with half of his estimated $150 million, three houses, and the $4 million 8-carat diamond ring Kobe gave her. Well, in the end, that was no longer necessary.

Kobe Bryant’s Kids

The athlete is a proud father of three daughters, Natalia Diamante Bryant born on 19 January 2003, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant born on 1 May 2006, and more recently, Bianka Bella Bryant born on 5 December 2016. If you are wondering how it’s possible that those girls are so young, you are not alone. With a dad as tall as Kobe, it’s no surprise that his seed is following suit.

Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Family And The Place They Call Home

Also, for those of you wondering why they have Italian names, there’s a valid reason, Kobe spent most of his early years living in Italy, so he brought part of his early heritage into the naming process.

Kobe Bryant House

He is one of the greatest players in NBA history, so it is only expected that he lives in style. Having earned more than $320 million in his career in salaries alone, we expect to see great things as we take a tour of the legend’s house. Kobe’s luxury California mansion cost a whopping $10.95 million, as much as that is, it obviously does not put a dent in his bank account.

Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Family And The Place They Call Home

The house, which was originally built in 1997 features a home cinema, its very own custom indoor shark tank, an indoor gym and a hair salon, a gigantic pool with an outdoor spa area, and a waterfall! In addition to his basketball court, the retired player has a tennis court.

If you thought that was all, well you thought wrong, in addition to their indoor kitchen, the Bryant’s have an outdoor kitchen and cookout, with a fire pit. The house also features four bedrooms and five full bathrooms with one-half bathroom. When it comes to living in style, he’s one of the stars that get it right.