KSI Vs Logan Paul: When Is The Boxing Rematch? What We Know So Far

KSI Vs Logan Paul: When Is The Boxing Rematch? What We Know So Far

Any doubts about ‘White Collar Boxing’ coming into its own would have been laid to rest after the match between KSI (whose birth name is Olajide Olatunji) and Logan Paul which was held on the 25th of August 2018. The KSI vs Logan Paul match took place at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, and was streamed over YouTube’s pay-per-view service. In what is regarded as one of the most successful live streams as far as amateur boxing matches go, there were reportedly over a million viewers who streamed the match live via YouTube pay-per-view and over a million more who streamed via other sources like Twitch.

The match ended in a draw and two of the judges gave a 57-57 point grading while a third gave a 58-57 against Logan Paul. While the event was headlined as KSI vs Logan Paul, the two YouTubers did not go it alone as they each had a family member in the undercard. KSI had initially challenged Jake Paul (Logan Paul’s younger brother) to a fight after the success of his fight against another YouTube star known as Joe Weller in a match that led KSI to win the YouTube Boxing Champion Crown which was held earlier in 2018.

The Paul brothers decided that Logan fight KSI instead, thereafter Deji Olatunji, KSI’s younger brother, came into the picture to take on Jake Paul; though Deji insisted that the ‘Deji Olatunji vs Jake Paul’ fight not be part of the undercard of their brothers’ fight but made another main event.

When Is The KSI Vs Logan Paul Rematch?

KSI and Logan Paul agreed to fight two matches and this was reflected in the contract they entered into before the first fight. Going by the contract, a second match was planned for February 2019, though it never came to fruition, and was shifted to May 2019 to be held at an undisclosed location. This was largely due to KSI’s insistence that it would be better for all parties concerned that it be moved to a later date in 2019 so they could all enjoy the remainder of 2018 without having to be constantly concerned with training. The match did not hold in May either and has now been scheduled for 9th November 2019. It is going to be held in the United States at the Staples Center which is located in Los Angeles, California.

It is not yet clear what channel would be airing the rematch but most fingers seem to point towards another YouTube pay-per-view streaming. There is currently little information on the undercard; all that is known for now is that Billy Saunders has mentioned he will be part of the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch undercard. Saunders is a middleweight world champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

KSI Vs Logan Paul: When Is The Boxing Rematch? What We Know So Far
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The KSI vs Logan Paul rematch’s first press conference will be held on the 14th of September 2019. Another press conference is planned for the UK after the first one but the date and time are yet to be made public. Information on where and how to buy tickets for the rematch will be provided via the Matchroom Boxing website and other online channels.

What We Know About KSI Vs Logan Paul’s Boxing Rematch So Far

It is now almost common knowledge that the next match is going to be fought professionally. This means all the rules that apply to professional boxers would be brought to bear. For one thing, there would be no head guards. However, just like the first match, the KSI and Logan Paul rematch is going to be a six-round fight.

For his part, KSI had always wanted to go professional, before the first match; he revealed that he intended to get as much credibility and publicity off the match that would be built upon for a professional boxing career. Many would argue that he has succeeded on that front.

Some critics, among them high-profile boxers, have spoken up against the next match being fought professionally. However, some others including former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua have supported the idea of a professional fight as it would benefit the profession as a whole, given the amount of followers KSI and Logan Paul have, and the amount of buzz that the match has already created.

The KSI vs Logan Paul rematch will be a cruise weight category fight, this means that neither contestant can weigh above 200 lbs or 90.7 kg.