Kyle Chandler Net Worth and How Much He Made From His Movies and TV Shows

Kyle Chandler Net Worth and How Much He Made From His Movies and TV Shows

He could have been a football player or even a graduate of drama but after quitting the former, he went on to drop out of school just seven credits from obtaining his degree having got a TV contract. Many years later Kyle Chandler is a successful actor who has gained both fame and fortune with many movies to his name and enviable net worth.

Chandler’s career has spanned more than three decades and has been highlighted by his roles in works like Friday Night Lights and Homefront and he has done everything from films to TV shows, and even theatre. In addition to all these, he has been involved in a number of things in the past, most of which were done for charity and so it is from his career as an actor that he made his fortune.

What is the Net Worth of Kyle Chandler?

Kyle Chandler has a net worth that is estimated at $9 million. He earned his fortune from his career as an actor owing to the many successful films that he has taken part in, most especially on TV. He had his start as an actor when he was 23 and now on the other side of his golden age, he has a lot to show in both fortune and awards including Saturn Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards among others.

Here’s How Much He Has Made From His Movies and TV Shows?

After he called it quits from the University of Georgia where he was about to obtain a degree in theatre, Chandler began with minor roles on TV and steadily grew. The first role he got was in the TV show Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story.

From then on, he has come to appear in more than 20 other TV productions including voice acting for Tucker Mardell in an episode of King of Hell (2008), various voices in Robot Chicken (2011 to 2014), Coach in an episode of A Monstrous Holiday (2013), as well as in American Dad! (2014) and Family Guy (2016).

He also had a stint in theatre and has more than 20 films to his credit including The Color of Evening (1990) which was his first work, King Kong (2005), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), and the 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

There are some roles that he has been involved in that are minor to estimate how much he got from them. But he has a number of films that have made a good show at the Box office including King Kong which made more than $550 million.

As noted, a large part of the net worth of Kyle Chandler is from his acting career. He made huge sums from his various acting roles such as Bloodline which he was said to have made $100,000 per episode. He is said to have made more than $700,000 for his role in Carol and over $540,000 for Broken City. For The Wolf of Wall Street in which he took the role of Patrick Denham, he reportedly made over $405,000. The Spectacular Now and A Monstrous Holiday brought over $346,000 and $315,000 to him respectively.

Kyle Chandler Net Worth and How Much He Made From His Movies and TV Shows
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From Friday Night Lights which is one of his biggest roles, there is no record of what Chandler was paid in the public domain. When he was shooting the film, however, he was also working as a volunteer firefighter.

Kyle Chandler has also appeared in the adaptation of the novel, Catch-22 by Hulu, in which he took the role of Colonel Cathcart. Initially, the role was supposed to be taken by George Clooney before it later fell on the laps of Chandler.

Before Chandler took the role, it was reported that for appearing as an actor as well as for producing and co-directing the show, Clooney was going to make anything over $1 million per episode. From all indications, Chandler would not earn that much but he will earn something significant.

In the same way, as it is with other actors, he also makes money from various available endorsement deals and sponsorships. Back in 2016, he was said to be making over $130,000 for each sponsorship. That said, it has not been revealed what he makes today for his endorsement deals and sponsorships.