Lacey Banghard – Bio, Family, Facts about the Glamour Model

Lacey Banghard – Bio, Family, Facts about the Glamour Model

Lacey Banghard rose to fame following her participation in the prestigious big brother franchise in 2013. Lacey who was one of the contestants on UK’s Celebrity Big Brother 2013 gained a lot of exposure from the show after an unforgettable appearance. She is a Glamour model and has worked with several brands for promotional purposes. Banghard’s modeling career spans over five years with a lot of milestones recorded. Find out more interesting facts about the British model as you scroll through.

Lacey Banghard – Bio

She was born on May 1, 1990, in Bedford England. Lacey’s first encounter with popularity was in 2010 when she made her first glamour appearance in Nuts magazine for the December 2010 issue. In 2011 she won The Sun’s Page 3 Idol competition. This win brought her into the limelight as well as ushered in more opportunities for her. By this time she was doing a few promotions for different brands. After declaring interest to be a part of the franchise, Lacey Banghard applied to participate in Celebrity Big Brother 11.

She joined eleven other contestants which included former Hills star Heidi Montag, Gillian Taylforth, and others, to contend for the grand prize at the 11th series of the British reality show. The program which was launched on January 5 aired for 23 days. Unfortunately for Lacey, she did not stay till the final day. As a matter of fact, the Glamour model was evicted from the show on the fourteenth day. She was the third person to get evicted.

Life after big brother was not a boring one for Banghard. She continued with her modeling career, got involved with several brands, and also did a few ad campaigns. In 2015, she made an appearance in the Indian comedy Guddu Ki Gun; this was her very first film encounter. Lacey Banghard stopped modeling in 2016. It isn’t clear what the exact reason for her withdrawal is but the fact remains that she is no longer as frequent on-screen as she used to be.

Lacey Banghard – Bio, Family, Facts about the Glamour Model
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Family – Parents, Siblings

Though the names of her parents are not known, information about them says that they are of different ethnicities. Lacey’s mother is British and her father is Asian. But she is identified as British having been born and raised in the UK. Not much is known about her childhood or educational background.

But from all indications, she must have had a flair for showbiz and entertainment. Her parents may have had other children but we do not have details pertaining to that. She has a cousin named Charlene Aziza and is also said to have a brother named Tom B.

Other Facts to Know about the Glamour Model

In the early days of her emergence in the media, Lacey’s surname initially was a debatable subject. People wondered why someone of Asian descent would bear the name, and even argued that it did not sound Asian. But she had the name Banghard from birth. Lacey’s surname would have been Bangaert – the name of her paternal grandparents, but it happened that when her grandparents migrated into England, immigration authorities had misspelled it as Banghard.

Lacey advocated for the sterilization of cats and dogs when she worked with a popular animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The Glamour model in 2013 was part of a photocall organized by the organization to achieve the said aim.

Asides from her surname origin, people are also interested in the personal life of the Glamour model, with regards to her relationships. But not much is known about her in that aspect as she is no longer seen often in the media. However, some sources have linked Banghard with British singer James Arthur. We cannot say whether the two have dated or if they are dating, as neither of them has addressed the reports. Lacey has also been linked with British actor Samuel Robertson. The two were said to have dated in 2013.

For someone who graced the covers of magazines as a model, Lacey Banghard has got a nice body for any form of showbiz. She stands at a height of 5ft 1in which is quite proportional to her weight of 51 kg. Her body stats have been recorded as 37-25-34, a perfect shape for a model. She wears a size 4 (US) for her dresses.

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