Lacey Chabert Husband, Age, Height, Body Measurements and Net Worth

Lacey Chabert Husband, Age, Height, Body Measurements and Net Worth

Lacey Chabert is an American actress, singer, and voice actress. She has sure made a good number of little kids smile over the years with her voice being the bass of some of their favorite cartoon and animation characters. Living the dream can sometimes be looked down upon as a facade; besides, only a select few do actually get to live the type of life they dreamed of as kids.

She started off with hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry and lucky for her, that dream began to materialize at an early stage as she went on to star as a child actress. She has grown to become an incredibly attractive woman with a deep sense of family values. With a great family in her own home and her parents and sibling, she looks like one who will make it quite far.

Lacey Chabert Bio (Age)

Lacey is the third of four kids born to Julie Chabert, her mother, and Tony Chabert, her father. She was born in Purvis, Mississippi on September 30, 1982. Her ethnic background is truly mixed up as she has as many as five different ancestry lines; English, Italian, Scottish, Cajun, and Sicilian. She also has two elder siblings, both of whom are women, Chrissy Chabert and Wendy Chabert. Her other sibling and younger brother is T.J Chabert. She seems very proud of her family and Southern roots. She has given insight into some of her family time while growing up as a child, her childhood nickname for instance; she was called ‘Lay Lay’ and her dad called her Dynamite Termite because she was short and wouldn’t give even a moment’s peace.

Lacey was the voice of Eliza Thornberry in the animated series The Wild Thornberrys. She also voiced Eliza in The Wild Thornberrys Movie and Rugrats Go Wild. She provided the voice for Aleu in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. She was also the voice behind Meg Griffin for the first production season of the Family Guy.

Lacey Chabert Husband

There are two categories of entertainers as regards privacy and transparency – some have to make the choice of whether to be entirely transparent, milk the attention and boost their careers sometimes even unwittingly sabotage their careers or to keep their privacy and access level to a minimum, separating work from private life which can sometimes be difficult to pull off.

Lacey Chabert Husband, Age, Height, Body Measurements and Net Worth
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Thus said, Lacey Chabert is someone who has done the latter. She is married happily and has been since the year 2013. As a celebrity, it is hard to escape the attention but she managed to pull off a very secret wedding that year to her longtime boyfriend, David Nehdar.

The private wedding was held in the city of Los Angeles. There is not much to be said about this couple as they keep a lid on their private affairs but three years after they had tied the knot, they welcomed their first child together, (a daughter) Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. They had named their child partly after Lacey’s own mother who is named Julie Chabert. Her marriage seems to be going from strength to strength as there are no reports about a scandal.

Net Worth

The entertainment industry is extremely lucrative to be a part of and anyone worth his/her salt will tell you because they would have been amply paid in exchange for their services. Lacey Chabert started as a child actress, her big break came in the popular TV drama ‘Party of Five’. She has gone on to star in other works as well as being a voice actress as well. Her net worth stands at $3 million and as she is still young and active, we might as well see that figure rise.

Height, Body Measurements

Lacey is not the tallest of individuals but she has a body to die for. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches or 1.6cm, she looks cute, to say the least. She weighs in at 52kg. Her body is well toned and she looks bent on keeping it that way.

Her breast size is 37 inches, waist size is 24 inches and hips size is 35 inches. That brings her body measurements to 37-24-35. Her bra size/cup size is 34C.

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