Ladd Drummond – 5 Interesting Facts About Ree Drummond’s Husband

Ladd Drummond – 5 Interesting Facts About Ree Drummond’s Husband

The Drummond family has been in the spotlight for many years due to the nature of their day jobs which have been rewarding and helpful as well. Ree, for instance, is a famous blogger with many awards to her name, she is a cookbook author, and a host on Food Network, where she thrills her fans with her cooking skills. Her husband, Ladd Drummond, is an accomplished rancher who boasts a flourishing business that has continued to place him above his contemporaries.

Unlike his wife of many years who has spent most of her years in front of the camera, Ladd is a man of few words and someone who doesn’t make public appearances often. Perhaps, you may have seen him or gotten to know about him through his wife or the media, here are five interesting things you probably didn’t know about Drummond.

Ladd Drummond’s Biography 

The prominent rancher was born with the birth sign Aquarius on the 22nd day of January 1969. His native town is in Nebraska, a midwestern state in the United States of America. The rancher came from the loins of Chuck Drummond (father) Nan Olsen (mother). The two are also parents to his brothers Tim Drummond and Todd Drummond. Sadly, Todd died at the age of eighteen in a car accident.

Ladd was raised in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, which doubles as the place he had his high school education, precisely at Pawhuska High School. He lived with his family in Oklahoma until the time his father completed his education, after which they relocated to the family ranch. He later proceeded to Arizona State University to further his education and subsequently graduated there.

The rancher has been a married man since September 21, 1996, when he exchanged his marital vow with the woman of his dreams in the presence of their family and loved ones. Ladd and his wife Anne Marie Smith had their honeymoon in Australia, their marriage has been blessed with four wonderful kids named Todd Drummond, Paige Drummond, Alex Drummond, and Bryce Drummond.

Professionally known as Ree Drummond, Anne is a well-known photographer, blogger, cook, show host, and bestselling author. She relates the Drummond family’s life at the ranch through her blog, ‘The Pioneer Woman’. A graduate of the University of Southern California, where she briefly majored in Journalism before switching to gerontology, Ree launched her online career in the year 2006. She was raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma by Gere Schwert (mother) and an orthopedic surgeon father William Dale Smith along with her younger sister Betsy and two brothers Mike and Doug.

Since 1996, Ladd has been a wonderful husband to his wife. Although he is a man of few words, he never shies away from expressing his love for Ree, who in turn, refers to him as “the Marlboro Man” in her blogs and books.

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5 Interesting Things to Know About Ladd Drummond – Ree Drummond’s Husband

1. Drummond is a Fourth-Generation Rancher of the ‘Drummond Ranch’ 

Ladd’s family has been in the ranching business for so many years. Their ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma is one of the largest in the United States. Ree’s husband is the co-owner of the Drummond Land and Cattle Company as well as an inheritor of the Drummond estate which was handed down to him by his forefathers. His ranch covers more than 433,000 square miles, his cousin called Thatcher Drummond is an associate of the company.

Drummond and his family are also part of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association as well as the owners of the retail/restaurant store, The Mercantile. He is an old hand in driving trucks, operating machines, and manual labor.

2. He is not a Fan of the Public School System 

Ladd Drummond and his wife belong to the pack of celebrities who prefer homeschooling to traditional public schools, thus, the decision to homeschool their sons Alex and Todd. However, their sisters, Paige and Bryce are university students. Paige is a student at the University of Arkansas while Bryce is a student at Texas A&M University.

3. Avid Football Lover

The Oklahoma-born rancher is an avid football lover and a big supporter of Sun Devils, Arizona University’s men’s basketball team. On his wedding day, Ladd was said to have left his reception party to watch a football match between the University of Nebraska’s football team and his alma mater.

4. Tuxedo is not His Favorite Outfit

While gushing over her husband after he threw a surprise party for her 50th birthday, Ree Drummond disclosed that since 1996, Ladd has never worn a tuxedo. The first time he did was in November 2018 when he gave a speech about Ree during a ceremony where she was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

5. He Doesn’t Smoke

Although Drummond met his wife in a smoky bar, he doesn’t smoke and has never done so in his entire life.