Lady Gaga’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

She is undoubtedly one of the most interesting stars in Hollywood. From bleeding on stage during an actual performance to playing the piano while wearing a bubble dress, she sure knows how to make a statement. Before we delve into the topic of Lady Gaga’s height, weight and body measurements, here are a few facts about Gaga herself.

She was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986. You might have noticed the lack of ‘Gaga’ in her name, that’s because it’s a stage name that was inspired by the Queen’s Song, Radio Gaga.

When people aren’t calling her Stefani or Lady Gaga, people call her Gagaloo, Loopy, Mother Monster, Rabbit Teeth, or Little Mermaid.

She has one of the most colorful wardrobes out there, but her favorite colors are actually black and lavender.

Lady Gaga’s musical talent is very natural and deep rooted; she learned how to play the piano just by listening at the young age of 4 and by the time she was 13 she began composing her own original ballads.

She got inspired to pursue her own musical career by Akon. Yes, before her fame, Gaga was a songwriter for other successful singers. It was Akon who gave her a nudge in the right direction.

She was enrolled at New York State University, but she dropped out at the age of 19 in order to pursue her music career.

Despite this Gaga is very educated, she is a professionally vocal trained singer trained in classical musical and she even studied at Juilliard.

Her resemblance to the late Amy Winehouse is uncanny, so in order to make a statement, the star dyed her hair blonde.

The natural brunette has a soft spot for her fans, she once ordered $1000 worth Papa John’s Pizza when she saw a number of them waiting outside a record studio for her.

The artist takes an occasional puff of ‘ganja’ to get her creative juices flowing.

Before we get completely carried away, let’s get to the topic at hand beginning with Lady Gaga’s height.

Lady Gaga’s Height

You don’t need visual aids to know that the artist is a bit on the short side… did we say a bit? Lady Gaga is very short and we have the figures to prove it. She stands not so tall at 5 feet and an inch. Though she has a very big personality and she casts a large ass shadow, but Lady Gaga is one of the smallest stars out there.

The only people she could probably stand taller than while standing barefoot are Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi ( 4 feet 5 inches), Ariana Grande (5 feet 0 inches), Jada Pinkett-Smith ( 5 feet 0 inches), Lil Kim (4 feet 11) and Kristen Chenoweth.

Yikes! No wonder she needs to climb on to a pair of high heels now and then. Having identified a few celebrities that would stand shorter than Lady Gaga, it’s only fair that we check out a few others that stand as tall as the artist. Avril Lavigne, Nicole Richie, Christina Ricci and Kristen Bell all share Lady Gaga’s height.

Lady Gaga’s Weight

When she first stepped into the limelight, she was as slim as the next Hollywood star. You know how they are? Constantly working out to keep everything tight, toned and sexy. Anyway, sometime between 2013 and 2014 the star started packing on some extra pounds.

Trust the media, she was bashed on all fronts, but you know that Gaga is no pushover. She blasted back at her body shamers in a series of social statements, one of them being a series of tweets after a picture she posted on Instagram made the negative comments roll in.

She also took to Instagram and posted another picture in the same swim suit captioned, ‘ #bodyrevolution Proud at any size, because the inside is what really counts. Plus, it’s all how you pose! Just ask the supermodels.’ Last year the star took a page out of Khloe Kardashians book and came back with a revenge body.

She lost the weight quickly with yoga workouts and a low glycemic index diet, so her critics have now become her admirers. Despite the weight loss, Gaga still urged young girls to value themselves and not get caught up in self-destructive cycles of crash-dieting and self-loathing.

Here’s what she said in addition to that, ‘ This is who I am and I am proud at any size.’

Lady Gaga’s Body Measurements

In addition to Lady Gaga’s height and weight, here is a straightforward summary of all her body measurements.

Height: 5 feet 1 inch

Weight: 49 kg or 108 pounds

Body type: Pear

Bra size: 34B

Breast size: 32

Waist size: 26

Hip size: 37

Dress size: 4

Feet/shoe size: 6 US, EU 36-37, UK size 4

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