Laia Manzanares Wiki, family Life and Other Facts You Must Know About Her

Laia Manzanares is a Spanish actress known for movies like Meril (2015), Proyecto which came two years after in 2017 and her most recent work is Sostre (2018). She is also the sexy girl in the video of Tame Impala.

Background Information on Laia Manzanares

Laia Manzanares is from Barcelona Spain. She was born on the 30th of March 1994 in Barcelona. Laia had her growing up in her hometown and is able to speak a lot of languages which include Catalan, Spanish, English, and French.

It has not been revealed what schools the actress attended and what she studied at various times in the different stages of her education. However, as can be inferred above from her ability to speak a couple of languages, Laia seems to have been well educated or at least had a good exposure to other cultures while having a knack for learning and understanding new languages.

Apart from being a talented actress, Laia is known to be good at singing and dancing, particularly, she is good at showing off some hip-hop moves. She was a popular ace in the Tame Impala: The Less I Know The Better music video clip where she played the role of a cheerleader who was in a relationship with a basketball player but would soon begin a relationship with the basketball team’s gorilla mascot. A video of the song was uploaded to the group’s Vevo channel and it went wild.

Laia Manzanares made a television appearance in the series Meril, a Catalan television series about a philosophy teacher who encourages students to think freely. The series first premiered on September 14, 2015, and ran till 15 January 2018 when its third and final season aired.

Laia played the character of Oksana Casanoves, a new student in the second season of the television series. She was originally from Ukraine and was admired by the girls in her school just as the boys adore her beauty. Her love interest was with a character named Gerard who unfortunately had an eye for Monica, another main character in the series. Oksana (Laia) feels she can win her way through and make him get over the girl. She commits herself to the task as she shows she likes to get involved with people and likes to show them she is more versed in understanding feelings, emotions, sex and relationship than many of the other students. In the last chapters of the last season, she got more interested in tracing her biological mother and her origin from Ukraine. In all, Laia Manzanares depicted the character well and we hope this will bring more film and movie roles to her.

Family Life

This beautiful actress is one of those who has not revealed much about her parents, childhood life and whether she has siblings or not. Be that as it may, there is no reason to prod her on this as many celebrities are beginning to find it ideal to put their family out of the limelight and gossip topics of the public. Over time, this has often proved to be beneficial by giving the celebrity less to worry about.

Laia has not been romantically linked to any guy, so we can’t say for certain if she is or is not dating anyone. However, it is assumed that she is focusing more on her career now and the results have been encouraging.

Other Facts You Must Know About Her

She likes to swim.

Her birth sign is Aries.

She stands at 5 feet 6 inches in height.

Laia is a Christian of the Roman Catholic faith.

In 2016, Laia was a contestant on El Gran Dictat.

The star actress has once travelled to Japan for vacation.

She has over 130k followers on her Instagram account @laiamanzanares.

The actress joined Twitter in January 2012 and has about 5, 755 Twitter followers so far.

Laia’s hobbies include horticulture and flower arranging, Lego building and Leathercrafting.

Though much is not known about her family members, Laia once posted a photo of herself and her dad on Instagram to mark her birthday in March 2017.

She has lot’s of fans from Brazil as a @faelcolt on her Instagram once wrote: “You need to create a facebook page… you have Brazilian fans because The less I know the better.”

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