Lana Rain – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Lana Rain – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Webcam modeling has evolved over the years and is now the engine room of the pornographic industry. Many people have attained full-fledged pornographic careers following their success as a cam girl/boy, however, in Lana Rain’s case, she chose to stick to solo performances, exploring the sexuality of her cosplay characters. Her career as an adult entertainer has garnered her a growing fan base across social media platforms, as well as pornographic sites, where people get to pay to view her works. Here is everything there is to know about Lana Rain, who describes herself as an entrepreneur, web content creator, and cosplayer.

Lana Rain’s Biography

Lana Rain was born as Bianca Vanessa Cordisco on the 2nd of November 1995 in Laval, Quebec, a fairly large city in Canada. She has Italian origins as her father hails from Naples. She attended Laval Catholic High School.

After gaining fame for her online adult content, Rain, in December 2018, made a video titled “My Hardships Before Becoming Lana Rain” where she narrated the horrible experiences she had during childhood and early teens and how it led her to camming.

She was born with a psychological disorder known as Asperger syndrome. It is a developmental disorder that makes the sufferer unable to interact socially with people and also makes them struggle with nonverbal communication. While growing up, Lana was unable to look people in the eye when they spoke to her and was unable to hold conversations.

According to her story, Lana Rain was born to parents who were in a strained relationship and were constantly fighting, thus, were barely there for her. This made her develop issues with trusting authority figures. Things got worse between her parents after her dad lost his job and just refused to get another one. By the time Lana as 4 years old, her parents got a divorce, leaving her to be raised by a single mom.

Due to the Aspergers syndrome, Lana Rain became terrified of going to school from pre-school as it meant that she would constantly have to be around people. Rain was constantly made fun of for her social awkwardness and as a result, didn’t have any real friends and communicating with her mother didn’t go so smoothly, thus she was alone most of the time. Her mother got her to see some doctors and psychologists but it didn’t yield much improvement.

As she spent most of her time alone, Lana Rain buried herself in anime, video games, and listening to music. A few months to high school graduation, she became interested in camming and saw it as the perfect avenue to pursue other interests such as cosplay and YouTube.

Fresh out of high school with no thought of what else to do with her life, Lana Rain began camming. However, her mom got to find out after going through her laptop and got furious, as a result, Rain moved out of the house and relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where she got to stay with a friend’s mom.

Her early camming days weren’t exactly smooth but with some help, she was able to gain confidence in front of the camera. From camming, she saved up about 10k and was able to pay for a nearby shabby apartment. By 2016, she had made enough from camming to pay for a better apartment.

Facts About Lana Rain

  • One of the psychologists she saw as a teen sexually harassed her

In the fourth grade of elementary school, Lana Rain got to see a psychologist who ended up taking advantage of her. She was scheduled to see him once a week and in one of those times, he gave her a glass of water which got her drowsy right after she took it. The experience triggered her to have a series of nightmares about him. He made subsequent sexual advances to her asking them to close the doors during counseling sessions.

  • She was in an abusive relationship for a year

Due to her lack of self-worth and past sexual abuse experiences, Lana Rain struggled for a long time to understand what sex was. She basically saw sex as women doing something for men rather than a lewd concept. With little experience with people psychology as she interacted less frequently with people, it was easy for her first boyfriend to take advantage of her in every way. He was manipulative and a control freak and would make her do things she didn’t want to. He’d get angry when she tried to make friends or even post photos of herself online. He subsequently got bored with her and left without necessarily breaking up with her.

Lana Rain has achieved above-average success with camming, cosplaying, and general content creation. She is registered to Patreon where she has over 70 patrons that pay for her cosplay stuff. She has her work featured on porn websites, as well as MV productions where she gets to sell merchandise. She has over 30K subscribers on the platform where she has won many awards like MV Cosplayer and Girl Vid of the Year. Lana Rain runs a self-titled website, a YouTube channel, a Twitch account, and is also on MFC and CB platforms.

Her body features

Due to bad eating habits, Lana Rain struggled with weight issues while in her teens. However, she got to stabilize her weight after she began making her own money. The 5 feet 2 inches cosplayer revealed to one of her fans through Curious Cat that she has done surgery to enhance her breasts.

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