Who is Larry Einhorn From The Office in Memory Of? All You Should Know

Who is Larry Einhorn From The Office in Memory Of? All You Should Know

On May 6, 2010, when the 124th episode of the American TV sitcom The Office aired on the NBC network, it conveyed a dedication message written in memory of Larry Einhorn and since then, many viewers have wondered who this Larry Einhorn must have been for an episode of their favorite TV series be dedicated to his memory. We have seen similar cases of such kinds of dedication before but what makes Larry Einhorn  so unique

In this article, we’ve got you covered on every possible question that must have lingered on your mind about who Larry Einhorn is, why an episode of The Office was dedicated to him? And so many other questions.

Who is Larry Einhorn From The Office in Memory Of?

Ever since his name showed up on the screen of the viewers of the TV series The Office, Larry Einhorn has gained more fame than he ever had in his lifetime. He is famously known as the person to who the episode ‘The Cover-up’ from The Office was dedicated to. After a thorough investigation as to who the man is, we found out that Larry is the patriarch of the Einhorn family and Randall the cinematographer happens to be his son.

Born in 1936 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lawrence Einhorn, popularly known as Larry, lived in his hometown all through his life. He was married to Bonnie Einhorn, Randall’s mother whom he first met when Bonnie was attending the University of Miami. The pair got engaged in May 1955 and did not wait too long before they tied the knot. After marriage, they had their two kids, Randall and Marci Einhorn. Together with their kids, they lived in Finneytown, Ohio, and it was there that Randall and Marci were brought up.

Other Facts You Should Know About Larry Einhorn

He was a Charitable Person

Larry and his wife were charitable people as it is known that they made several noticeable donations during his lifetime. They once were donors of the Lewy Body Dementia Association in 2006. After 31 years of living in a bi-level house, they sold the house in 2005. When the couple turned 70 in 2006, they moved into a condo at the Maples of Twenty Mile Farm, in Deerfield Township.

Why The Cover-Up was Dedicated to Him

‘The Cover-up’ is an episode of The Office. It aired as the 24th episode of the 6th season of The Office and 124th episode overall of the comedy TV series. Larry Einhorn’s son, Randall Einhorn was a key member of the TV series production team and he directed not less than 15 episodes of The Office. Larry was neither a producer nor actor but he was remembered for his role and the different positions he served in Cincinnati. Prior to his death, Larry Einhorn was known as the manager of the C’lauM Loan Office. He even was an assistant of a popular sportswear store in Cincinnati.

It was just over a couple of days after Larry had passed away that the episode was scheduled to be released. In good spirit, the crew of the TV series then decided to credit the episode to the late father of one of its own and when ‘The Cover-up’ aired on May 6, 2010, on NBC, it had a dedication message written: “In Memory of Larry Einhorn”. Larry Einhorn did not in any way contribute to the production of the episode or in the production of the TV series as much earlier presumed. It was only unfortunate that he passed away during that period.

Larry Einhorn’s Son, Randall Einhorn

Who is Larry Einhorn From The Office in Memory Of? All You Should Know
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Like we have earlier stated, Larry’s son Randall Einhorn is into movie production, he is best known as a TV director, producer and cinematographer. He was born on December 7, 1963, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Randall is an alma mater of Finneytown High School, the school he graduated from in 1982.

Randall is best known for his works in The Account and The Office. For his work in a good number of films and television series, he has so far been nominated for 2 Emmy Awards and while he is yet to win any, he is believed to be generating quite a lot from the industry. Randall’s annual income is not yet known but his net worth has been estimated at $5 million

Here’s What Killed Larry Einhorn

On April 20, 2010, Larry Einhorn died aged 74. Results of an autopsy show that he died as a result of a lung disease that blocked his airflow making it difficult for him to breathe. The disease is popularly known in the medical field as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). His eulogy was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer on April 12, 2010, and on April 25 of the same year, a graveside service was held for him at Rest Haven Memorial Park Evendale, Ohio.

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