Laura Surrich Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Laura Surrich Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Everyone wants to be famous but only a few actually understand what that means, or the price they have to pay for it. One of the downsides to fame is the fact that you have to make extra effort to keep your business to yourself especially if you value your privacy. One person we know who has mastered this privacy thing is Laura Surrich.

The blonde actress has perfected the act of keeping her affairs away from the public but the same cannot be said for the said public who are ever so curious about stars. The actress came on the acting radar in 2005 when she played a minor role in the record-breaking King Kong movie that year.

We bring you details about Laura Surrich, including her biography and some things you should know about her in this article.

Laura Surrich Background and Career

She was born in Auckland, New Zealand on January 17, 1988. Details of her early life, as well as her high school education, parents, and siblings (if any), are not available but we do know she has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while. Two years after she appeared in King Kong back in 2005, she graduated from the New Zealand College of Performing Arts but did not stop there. In 2013, she acquired another degree in Film and Television Production.

Between her two degrees, Surrich certainly was not sitting on her hands, she played the role of Kimberly in the 2009 comedy-drama film Separation City. She also had a role in the historical series Spartacus in 2010 and played Tawny in Diagnosis: Death in the same year. After that, her next known movie role was as a Secretary in the 2014 pharmaceutical thriller movie, The Cure.

Surrich also has some theatre credits under her belt including roles in Jesus Christ Super Star, Witches of Salem, A Mid Summers Nights Dream, Pirates, and Angry Housewives.

Although she is more known as an actress, Surrich has done everything from being a camera operator to lighting and sound crew member to editing, post-production staffing, and some other things in between, which makes her a bit of a jack of all trades entertainment-wise. She is a model, which should not come as a surprise because if you’ve seen her you’ll know she has what it takes to be an amazing model and she puts it to good use.

She has been in the modeling industry since she was a teenager and for the better part of her adult life, she has a lot to show for it. Surrich has participated in several beauty-related competitions and pageantry both in-person and online, many of which she either won or finished in the top 3 categories.

 Laura Surrich Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know
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In addition to posing in bikinis and gracing magazine covers, Laura also writes and sings. She has an amazing vocal ability, one that makes her qualified as a lead singer in the multiple bands she belongs to, she also composes and produces music but she prepared herself well in music by training for over eight years, majoring in music production. Like every singer, Surrich has her specific singing styles which are pop and rock, two of her favorite genres. She also likes Jazz, Electronic, and Hip-Hop music.

5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Her

1. Relationship life

There is no record of any romantic relationship, past or present, as far as Laura Surrich is concerned. Either she has been keeping her relationship status – like most things about her – private or she has never been in any relationship. We are leaning more toward the first option.

2. Where is Laura Surrich now?

Her last known address was somewhere between Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.
She once ran a blog but the website is no longer active and the last thing posted on it was a video about boobs, some nine or ten years ago.

3. How much is Laura Surrich worth?

Laura Surrich’s net worth is not yet publicly known. However, taking a detailed look at her career in the entertainment industry, some sources estimated that she was probably worth between $1 million and $10 million.

4. Body measurements

As for her body measurement, the alluring lady stands at a height of 1.76m (5’8”), weighs 54kg (118lbs), and has a chest-waist-hip ratio of 35:25:24 inches. She wears UK size 6 in dress size (AUS 6, US 2), and her Blue eyes are complimented by tanned skin and long wavy blond hair.

5. Music interest

She has two recorded audio demos and a song titled Sharon from one of her old bands, the rock band Monoxide Blond, where she was the lead singer.