Lauren Duski Biography – Everything You Need To Know

Whether it was music that chose Lauren Duski or she chose music, what is certain is that the rising country star is fast becoming a force in the music industry. She was born into a family of physicians but managed to find her voice and has been turning chairs and heads as well as winning hearts ever since. She is a singer and songwriter known as the runner-up in the 12th season of The Voice. Country singer, couldn’t be more right when he described her as “the missing piece in country music”.

Duski started performing on stage from the age of 7. Growing up in Gaylord, Michigan, she toured and performed classic country hits with the JR Country Band, opening for country acts. She was named one of Country Music Television (CMT)’s Next Women of Country and released an EP titled Midwestern Girl in 2019. With ever-growing fan base and plans that include a second EP in 2019, it’s only the beginning for this musician. Below is every other thing you need to know about her life and career.

Lauren Duski Biography

The Midwestern Girl was born on the 12th of August 1991 in Gaylord, Michigan. She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States.

Her father, Dr. Edward Duski is a dentist just like his wife and Lauren’s mother, Dr. Janis Duski. Both were classmates at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. The duo got married shortly after graduation and opened a practice afterward. They have two children, Lauren and her younger brother who is studying to become a dentist.

Growing up, Lauren Duski and her brother were always at their parents’ dental office. As a kid, she sometimes pretends to be a dentist working on a patient. Then, their office felt like a second home. She did some administrative work there during summer breaks from school. Being raised by dentists, one would think she would grow to follow her folks’ paths but Lauren had her own path carved out early in life. She started singing as soon as she could talk, a fact her parents have never been able to explain. To them, it is a family mystery being that neither of them is musical. By the age of 7, she was already singing karaoke in public.

Her mom enrolled her in a music class to hone her skills when she found out that music was her calling. Lauren Duski learned how to play the piano and at the age of nine, her parents bought her her first guitar. Also, she traveled around Michigan to open for touring country acts.

While in middle school, Lauren started posting videos of her original songs and covers on YouTube. In spite of her passion for music, she thought becoming a dentist would help her to affect people’s lives more, just like her folks. As such, she took a break from music to attend the University of Michigan where she majored in biopsychology, neuroscience, and cognition. Nevertheless, she reconnected with music in her junior year after she got an opportunity to open for an artist.

At this point, she discovered that she could still affect lives by doing something other than dentistry, in this case, music. Amazingly, when she told her parents of her decision to pursue music, they were happy that she finally found her voice and pledged their full support.

Her Rise To Stardom

Following her graduation from college, Lauren Duski moved to Nashville in 2014 to be a country singer. She spent her time singing, writing songs, networking and performing, hoping to get the attention of someone in the industry someday. In 2017, she got the attention she deserved.

Lauren got an opportunity to audition for The Voice season 12. During her blind audition, she impressed the judges; , and with her beautiful voice. She chose Shelton to be her coach.

She made it to the finals but lost to fellow contestant, Chris Blue to finish as a runner up. Following up, she signed with William Morris Agency as well as the record labels, Bottoms Up Records and Universal Motown Records Group. Since The Voice, she has maintained a working relationship with her coach, released an album The Complete Season 12 Collection (The Voice Performance) in 2017, an EP, Midwestern Girl (2019), named one of CMT’s Next Women of Country, and has also toured with radio personality .

Things You Need To Know About Lauren Duski

She Started Performing on Stage as a Child

Despite growing up in a medical family, Lauren Duski managed to find her voice. She started singing as soon as she could talk and by the time she was 7, she was already singing karaoke in public. As a middle schooler, Lauren took to YouTube to post videos of her original songs and covers. Moreover, she toured northern Michigan, opening for country legends like Randy Travis and Bill Anderson along with her JR Country Band.

Her debut EP is an Ode to her childhood

Growing up in the small Michigan town of Gaylord, Lauren Duski felt the need to honor her Midwest roots. Thus, in her debut EP, Midwestern Girl, she did just that. Midwestern Girl is a five-song project with tracks like Journey of a Midwestern Girl which she says is an ode to her childhood.

Another song, The Weather is a tribute to her late grandmother who passed in December 2017. The song got its title from her grandfather’s “How’s the weather down in Nashville?” response whenever she called to check on him after the loss of his wife, rather than sharing his grief at the time.

Duski is prepping for her first tour

Come fall of 2019, the Midwestern girl would embark on her first tour alongside Lukas Graham. She has continued to write songs and hopes to release another single, as well as a second EP before the year runs out.

Who Is Lauren Duski Dating?

While she was on The Voice, one of her strong supporters was Shane Miller. They made us believe they were an item, going by their social media posts. Though their dating timeline is unclear, they radiate streams of happiness and have a lot in common.

Miller was born in Western Maryland but moved to Nashville, Tennessee to work as an artist just like his lady. He is also a musician. It is not known if they are still a couple.

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