Lauren Kitt – Bio, Age, Everything To Know About Nick Carter’s Wife

Lauren Kitt – Bio, Age, Everything To Know About Nick Carter’s Wife

Lauren Kitt is arguably most popular because of her marriage to Nick Carter, the famous musician, and actor. Like most women in her generation, Kitt doesn’t want to be known by her spouse’s achievements but for her own and she is doing a fine job so far. The mother of one is an exceptional writer, an actress, and a fitness guru.

As a writer, most of her works are not so exposed to the public but they do exist and as an actress, she has starred in movies and trivial shows including the 2016 movie, Dead 7. Others include I (Heart) Nick Carter, The Pendant, and so on. She puts great effort into whatever she does, hence her recorded successes so far. Filled with so much energy, Lauren has been able to draw the attention of many to her activities. As a fitness instructor, she has also enjoyed a lot of publicity – mostly as a result of her YouTube fitness video series dubbed Kitt Fit.

Kitt Fit experienced tremendous attention from YouTubers as its teaser alone had 33k views as at 2017 and the series itself has garnered one-third of all her collective views on the channel. One feature of her videos that has endeared them to her audience is the frequent appearance of Nick Carter on them, serving as his wife’s cameo. Despite her increasing popularity, Lauren’s channel has been left dormant for a long while now as she has not uploaded any videos since 2016. Let us take a closer look at the life of the American fitness expert. Keep reading!

Lauren Kitt Bio (Age)

This fitness enthusiast was born Lauren Mitchelle Kitt on June 3rd, 1983. She was born in Los Angeles, Southern California. Details about her parents – their names and occupation – are not also known, however, it is known that they are divorced. She has a sibling named Alexander, her brother.

Moving on to her childhood and education, a look on the internet would leave you largely disappointed as there is also no recorded information that can be shared. It is not known if she has a degree or diploma in any discipline. From the above information, it can be deduced that Lauren Kitt values keeping certain areas of her life away from the media spotlight. Whether she was educated to diploma or degree level, it didn’t limit the actress in her life’s pursuit.

It is not known when she started any of the professions she is known for. Writing for her may have been a flair that she turned into a profession by constant practice. She is known to have written several inspiring and thought-provoking articles. Also, it is not certain when she began acting but was seen on the big screen first in the 2010 movie The Pendant which was directed by Nick Carter and Daniel Roew.

Her next movie was titled One Life To Live, where she starred as a boot camp instructor. In 2016, Lauren graced the screens with her appearance in the action thriller Dead 7. She has also starred in a television show alongside her famous husband Nick Carter, titled I (Heart) Nick Carter.

Her YouTube series Kitt Fit is a fitness video series that majorly featured Lauren Kitt as the gym instructor and in some episodes Nick Carter as the cameo. She has garnered a total number of 4,779 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her Instagram account holds a good number of followers as well with a total number of 13.8k.

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Husband and Kids

Lauren Kitt is one of the few celebrities who can boast of a successful marriage. She is happily married to Nick Carter. The pair dated for about five years before Nick decided to make things permanent. Their relationships experienced a lot of negativity from the public, however, this did not deter the couple as they went ahead to not only tie the knot but also have a child together.

Nick Carter is a popular musician, actor, and director. He is one of the members of the Backstreet Boys – a pop music group that was established in 1993 which has several albums to their credit. As a solo musician, he has released albums such as Now or Never, I’m Taking Off, and All American.

The couple got married on April 20, 2014, in Santa Barbara, California, and welcomed their first child after a miscarriage on April 19, 2016. The name of the boy is Odin Reign. As with most marriages, that of Lauren and Nick have had their fair share of challenges. These challenges have come in the form of miscarriages. So far, Lauren Kitt has suffered two miscarriages since the inception of her marriage.

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