Learn About Donald Trump In 10 Facts

If you own a television set, can read a newspaper, have access to a radio or have friends who enjoy a riveting conversation about politics, you must have heard of Donald Trump. On the surface, we have a well-known American businessman, published author, reality television personality, and more importantly, the 45th President of the United States of America.

10 Facts About Donald Trump

HIS MOST SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT IS HIMSELF. Donald Trump became a household name back in the day when everyone had the eyes glued to their TV sets watching ‘The Apprentice’, here he was mentoring like minds to become business moguls like himself.

Despite being popularly known as a cut-throat businessman, Trump has not been the most successful ‘pea in the pod’ in recent years. how has he remained relevant till now? He has managed to sell his personality and his attitude through his products.

You would think people would not buy a product that represents Donald’s ‘less than charming’ persona, but his rash and unconventional way of doing things seems to have some sort of charm to it.

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A TEETOLAR? Apparently, Trump falls into the category of people that do not consume alcohol at all, this was a decision he made as a result of his brother’s alcoholism. That did not stop him from capitalizing on it though.

In 2006, he launched his own brand of vodka, but the prices did not sit well with the masses and the venture was very short-lived.

HE PRACTISES WHAT HE PREACHES… SOMETIMES. For someone who has strong opinions about immigrants, Trump has a preference for women who are not of American descent.

Only one of his three wives hails from Georgia in the United the States, the other two wives were of Eastern European descent with Melanie Knauss as his most recent wife.

HE HAS A LESS THAN NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS DAUGHTER. Donald has hinted that he would not mind treading the path of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi. Trump cannot seem to stop making inappropriate remarks about his own daughter, he was even actually caught on camera saying he would date her if they were not related and apparently this was among one of him most decent comments.

Well at least he has not gone as far as Allen did by marrying his daughter… yet.

THE MAN IS STILL THE BOY. The man we see on television now, is not so different from the boy he used to be. Trump was actually an ‘energetic’ child and since the private school system was too soft for him his parents had to send him to a New York Military Academy hoping it would teach him some discipline.

TRUMP IS SENSITIVE ABOUT HIS NETWORTH. Timothy O’brien, an published author, quoted from three different sources that Donald Trump was worth  between $150 million and $250 million in opposition to his claim of being worth $7 billion.

Trump did not take the highroad, he sued the writer to court for libel but did not win. So ladies and gentlemen, Trump really dislikes it when people allegedly release wrong figures as his net-worth.

BUSINESS MAY OR MAY NOT BE HIS CALLING. Can you guess how many times Trump’s companies have filed for bankruptcy? Not once, but six times, the last time being in 2009. It makes one question his business acumen, but admire his ability to bounce back.

AMONG HIS LIST OF HOBBIES WE CAN ADD THAT HE ENJOYS SUING PEOPLE; he sued a comedian, BIll Maher, for making a joke about him, we already know about him suing Timothy O’brien for miscalculating his net-worth and he also sued a hacker, J. Taikwok Yung, for buying sites with domain names that had Trump’s name in them.

Some may even say that he has mastered the art of the lawsuit.

 HE HAS A STAR ON THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME. Apparently he made a good impression while on televison and it earned 2 Emmy nominations and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame along side accomplished actors like Julie Andrews and Pierce Brosnan.

HIS MEDIA COVERAGE IS SKYROCKETING. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Trump’s whole political campaign and public image as a whole has been guided by this

In the 2016 United States elections, he was the candidate with the most media coverage and even though his behavior has been less than appealing, it seems to be fueling his success.

Donald has found his way back into everybody’s living rooms and it’s evident that he intends to keep it that way for a while, meanwhile we will all be sitting tight and expecting more surprising facts about him.

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