Lebron James Height, Weight and Stats

LeBron James is one of the most successful athletes in the world. If you are a basketball fan then it is only natural that you have heard the name. He currently plays for Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) at the forward position.

While you may think you know him, chances are that you just know his name, the position he plays and probably some of his numerous achievements in the sports industry. Our aim here is to help you have as much understanding of your star as you can.

This post is about LeBron’s physique which includes his height, weight as well as his stats. Why is this information important? Well, you must be aware that basketball needs a special type of body to play successfully. Such players are often tall, have somewhat standard weight and possess some unique physical abilities. You may research more to find out what is required for one to be a good basketball player. Read on to find out why LeBron James is so successful in his career in the forward position basketball player.

LeBron James Height and Weight

If you see this athlete in pictures, you will realize that he dwarfs his petit wife. This does not mean his wife is somewhat smaller than most other women. The fact is that LeBron is very tall. He stands at 6-feet 8-inches (6’8”) or 2.03 meters tall. This is the perfect height for basketball and you will realize that most players are almost of the same height. This means you need to be in that height-range to make it to any of the major NBA basketball teams.

LeBron weighs 250 pounds (113.4 Kg). According to most people such weight is unacceptable as it borders in the region of obesity or overweight. For this athlete, you need to remember that he is 6-8 tall and so this is good a weight for the height. A simple calculation will tell you that his body mass index (the standard measure used to diagnose underweight, normal weight, overweight and obesity) is not far beyond what is considered normal. The body mass index (BMI) is 27.5. Going deeper into BMI is beyond the scope of this discussion.

LeBron James Current Player Stats

This discussion gives you an overview of a player’s performance for his team in the NBA. There are a few confusing terms that need clarification especially if you are new to basketball or you are not much into the nitty-gritty. Below is a short description of the terms or abbreviations we will use in discussing LeBron’s stats:

PTS: This is the abbreviation used to refer to the number of points a player or a team has scored within a specified period. A point is usually scored when a player makes a basket. LeBron’s PTS statistic is currently at 25.3.

REB: This is used to denote rebounds. A rebound usually happens when a player recovers the ball after previously missing a shot. When used, it gives the total number of rebounds a player or a team has already collected on either defense or offense. LeBron James’ REB statistics are currently at 6.

AST: This refers to assists. It usually occurs when a player successfully completes a pass to a teammate that eventually leads to the so-called made field score. LeBron’ current AST statistics stand at 7.4.

PIE: This denotes what is referred to as Player Impact Estimate. PIE therefore is an estimate of team’s or player’s contribution or impact on a particular game. In other words, PIE indicates what percentage of game events that team or player achieved. The current PIE statistics for LeBron is 17.1.

Just to summarize, here LeBron’s stats are as follows- PST (25.3), REB (6), AST (7.4) and PIE (17.1). You can compare these stats with those of other players in his category to gauge his performance. From what we know however, LeBron James is one of the most prolific, successful and celebrated basketball players in the world.

I bet the above information has given you enough detail to know more about your favorite athletes. It is expected that he will continue to better his performance and that the stats we will see next time will be better.

Although he most likely has stopped growing, he is likely to add more weight in future but that will squarely depend on him. He recently recovered from hamstring injury and will likely workout more to recover fully.

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