Lecrae Wife (Darragh Moore), Family, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts

Lecrae Wife (Darragh Moore), Family, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts

There was a time when Christian rappers did not have a voice in the mainstream as many people considered the genre of the music something only appropriate for gangsters and/or something close to that. Over time, however, rappers like Lecrae have come to change the dynamic. He is a Grammy-winning American rapper who has also made a name for himself as an actor and a producer. Here are things to know about him.

Lecrae Biography

The rapper was born Lecrae Devaughn Moore on October 9, 1979, in Houston, Texas. For the man that he is today, he has had to walk a rather long road and had to deal with many challenges as he was raised by a single parent – his mother.

His parents got married when they were very young and before long, they were divorced. Being raised by his mother alone who took him with him when she was just 23 meant that she had to struggle through multiple jobs, while also depending on welfare packages from the government to raise him up.

The divorce between his parents happened even before the Christian rapper was a year old. Despite the fact that his parents were immature when they got married, the main reason why they divorced was that his father was very abusive and into drugs.

Even though his grandmother always tried to get him to live a Christian life, he was also involved in drugs which gradually led him to a life of crime and dealing in drugs. Interestingly, he was always with a Holy Bible which he used as a sort of good luck charm in his drug dealing. Well, it served exactly that for him after he got arrested with drugs but was released by the policeman after seeing the Bible in his car, on the condition that he would live by the commands of the Bible.

For his education, after he graduated from high school, the rapper went to the University of North Texas. The first album he released was Real Talk in 2004. The release of the album paved way for him immediately as a voice in Christian rap music. After the Music Stops (2008) was the second album he released, followed by Rebel (2008), Rehab (2010), Rehab: The Overdose (2011), and Gravity (2012). These were followed by  Anomaly (2014), All Things Work Together (2017), and Let the Trap Say Amen which he released in 2018 with Zaytoven.

Family and Wife (Darragh Moore)

As indicated, Lecrae was raised in a family that was broken, with a father that he didn’t have any relationship with, and a mother that had to keep working as hard as she could to raise him all on her own even as she also counted on the charity of others.

Apart from his mother, another very important member of his family is his grandmother, Georgia, also known as Big Momma. It was by her hand that the Grammy-winning Christian rapper came to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Lecrae Wife (Darragh Moore), Family, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts
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Lecrea is a married man; the name of his wife is Darragh Moore. She is not the first woman that he had dated, but despite having to go through abortion with an ex-girlfriend before meeting his wife, he now seems to be very settled since his marriage.

The exact year that they got married is not known, but Lecrae Devaughn Moore and Darragh Moore have been together for many years. They have three children which the couple has kept completely away from the public, stating that the kids do not need all the attention.

What has brought Lecrae to the forefront is his musical career which he began after he took Christianity seriously. Before then, he was a lover of rap music, as such, it was easy for him to relate to it. More so, he wanted to reach an audience that not many artists have ever tried reaching.

Throughout his career thus far, Lecrae has won close to 20 awards from almost 30 major nominations including the Grammy which he won in 2013 when his Gravity album won the Best Gospel Album, and his song, Messengers won the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2015.

Lecrae Net Worth 

Without any doubt, Lecrae is the biggest name in Christian hip-hop. He has sold millions of albums and is a very talented music producer. That stated, his net worth has been placed at between an estimated $2 million and $3 million. Even as it is not the only avenue of his fortune, music is the main source.

Height and Weight

Looking at the rapper, one who doesn’t know him may guess he is an NBA star. This is because he has an athletic build and a good height. That stated, he stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches and a body weight of 80 kg (176 lbs).

Other Facts

Before getting married, he got his girlfriend pregnant and got her to go through an abortion procedure. Although he has publicly confessed it, he said he still feels guilty.

His father was a drunk and a drug addict.

Alongside government employees and activists, Lecrae has joined Dwyane Wade and other celebrities to promote the This Is Fatherhood challenge which was spearheaded by Art Hooker and Joshua DuBois.

He has won awards such as the BET Awards, Billboard Music Awards, GMA Dove Awards, Stellar Awards, and the Soul Train Music Awards.