Leda Muir Biography and Everything You Need To Know About her

Leda Muir is a Youtube personality known mostly for her comic videos, vlogs, gameplay, and makeup tutorials. Since she started her Youtube career in 2007, the California girl has gone by many names on the platform. One of them was memorable because it was inspired by her favorite energy drink and one of her allergies.

Muir has proven that she is a boss at bouncing back from setbacks. After her first Youtube channel was hacked, she quickly retrieved what little she could and started another channel immediately from scratch. Leda Muir has once spoken about the fact that she finds it hard to trust guys especially due to her past relationship troubles. Ironically, one of her most popular videos on one of her channels is titled 7 Odd Things That Seduce Men. She deleted all her social media accounts in 2014 for personal reasons but came back in 2015.

Leda Muir’s Biography 

Leda Cleland Muir was born in Ojai, California to Chaun Eric and Kendra Ann Muir, on July 28, 1994. She was named after a goddess in Greek mythology, Leda. Her parents split up when she was younger and her mother, Kendra relocated to Portland in 2015 when Leda Muir was 19. After staying with her father for a while in California, she decided to move to Portland to stay with her mom.

Since her MySpace days, Leda Muir has gone by a myriad of handles. In 2007, during her “scene girl phase”, she went by the name Leda Lifeweary. Shortly after, inspired by her favorite energy drink and her allergy towards bunnies, she changed her handle to LedaMonsterBunny.

Her first Youtube channel was named ledafknbanana and it was hacked in 2010, resulting in the social media personality losing most of her content. However, Muir managed to salvage a few of her videos and re-upload them. She created another channel shortly after and named it LedaDragonLady. She made her third channel HaiLedaBear after  LedaDragonLady was also hacked. On her third channel, she was known for making random videos and short vlogs about make-up, etc. These videos usually involved some of her closest friends and her boyfriend at the time, Nathan Owens, who is also a huge Youtube personality.

Over the years, especially starting in 2014, Leda Muir’s disposition and demeanor began to change, most noticeable in her hair and clothing color choices and styling. In August 2014, Leda finally succumbed to the pressure of harassment she had apparently been receiving on social media for years by deleting all her social media accounts. However, she came back in early 2015, on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Her new Youtube channel was named TheLedaBunny, a nod to a previous handle she had used before on the platform.

Leda Muir has also run other Youtube channels such as her gaming channel Scinon Games, and a collab channel Separated By Few.

Everything you Need to Know About Her

1. Muir has Experienced Emotional and Physical Abuse

Growing up, Muir suffered a lot of emotional abuse, especially at school due to the fact that she was overweight. This led to her suffering an eating disorder because she tried to lose weight by under-feeding and going on frequent runs to lose weight. However, her rapid weight loss in two months only worsened the abuse she was receiving.

2. Leda has a Serial Dating History

Leda Muir met Josh, her first boyfriend on MySpace in 2007. She fell head over heels for him and flew to Iceland to see him at the age of 14. They broke up a year later. Her next boyfriend, Cameron, was physically abusive and often left her with bruises and once fractured her wrist. He also stole about $2000 from her and introduced her to a life of drugs and smoking. During that period she barely escaped an arson incident when someone set fire to her father’s house while they were both asleep. Rumors reported that it was her then-boyfriend Cameron.

Strangely enough, she started another relationship soon after getting out of the horror show she had with Cameron. Nathan Owens was her boyfriend starting October 2009 and ending August 2011. Leda says he just walked away one night leaving her with a note. She moved on with her friend Alfredo a few months after the breakup but that too ended in a breakup in July 2012, less than a year after they had started dating.

She lived for a while with her next boyfriend known as MattG124 before moving on with Zachary Hearts. That too ended in March 2015. From late 2016 to early 2017, she moved on with a Youtuber known as SayWeCanFly.

3. She is Inked Out

The social media beauty has a plethora of tattoos on her body. Her ink journey began when she was 14 years old. Her first tattoo was an image of a cherry blossom beside a Japanese symbol which means “dream”. Leda got this without the permission of her parents and says that to her it represents growing up.

Her second was a heart symbol on her cleavage area given to her by her then-best friend Mary to commemorate their friendship. Since then she has gotten about eighteen more tattoos on different parts of her body, each with its own meaning. Some of her best include her butterflies tattoos that spread from the upper left side of her chest to her shoulder. She got these as a dedication to her father.

Muir has tattoos of her cats on her shoulders, a pause/play symbol on her right thumb, a vampire bite symbol on the left side of her neck, and a lot more.

Leda Muir also plans to pursue an active acting career and realizing that her tattoos were holding her back, she announced on Twitter that she would be getting rid of her hand tattoos. She also said she would remove the butterfly tattoos that she had gotten in honor of her father as he did not like them and had been begging her to remove them since the day she got them done.

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