Leigh Kakaty – Bio, Wife If Married, Net Worth and Family

Leigh Kakaty – Bio, Wife If Married, Net Worth and Family

The music industry is growing bigger every day with a new crop of artists and bands springing up every now and then. Leigh Kakaty is the founder and lead singer of the rock band Pop Evil, which has been in the music scene for nearly two decades, cultivating a fan base, releasing good music, taking their success to new heights, and persevering even against the odds. The band has been through all kinds of career-wrecking changes, from label drama to line-up shuffles, member departures, and other troubles that have ended many bands, but they have managed to come out on top, thanks to the passion and determination of its frontman, Leigh.

The Pop Evil band member is a talented singer and songwriter. He has received a number of honors for his works, including a Song of the Year Award from Radio Contraband Rock Radio Awards, which he won along with the rest of his crew for their hit song, Trenches. He has worked hard at building a career in the rock and metal music scene, making music that his fans have come to love and appreciate. He plays alongside Dave Grahs who serves as a backing vocalist and guitarist, Matt DiRito who plays the bass and sings back up, and Nick Fuelling – the lead guitarist and backing vocalist. The band has several successful projects to their name including, War of Angels, Lipstick on the Mirror, Onyx, and their self-titled album Pop Evil.

Leigh Kakaty Bio

Leigh Kakaty was born on August 9, 1976, in Kingston, Ontario. He was raised by his parents, but the singer has not revealed his parents’ names, their occupations, what kind of childhood he had, and if he has any siblings. There is also no information about where he went to school or what academic qualifications he has obtained. He later moved to North Muskegon, Michigan, where he was working as a singer before he founded his rock band, Pop Evil.

The singer founded the band by joining forces with members of other bands in the area that had disbanded. In the beginning, their name was TenFive and they released an album and an EP called War of the Roses and Ready or Not. They later changed their stage name to Pop Evil, then they were introduced to several music executives by a talent scout which led to them being signed by G&G Entertainment which took them on as agents.

In August 2008, Pop Evil released their first studio album, Lipstick on the Mirror, to critical and commercial success. It featured a number of songs that became fan favorites such as Stepping Stone, 100 in a 55, and Somebody Like You. This was followed by the album War of Angels in 2012, which drew inspiration from experiences and struggles people have with trying to make sense of their past by moving on. The band headed to the studio a third time to record a new album called Onyx, which featured their Rock Radio #1 single Trenches.

Leigh Kakaty – Bio, Wife If Married, Net Worth and Family
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Leigh Kakaty and the band went on a lot of tours, opening for famous bands such as Five Finger Death Punch. The band has recorded other projects including the albums Up and Pop Evil. Also, they have performed shows with other bands such as Messer, Memphis May Fire, Disturbed, In This Moment, Black Map, Palaye Royale, and Killswitch Engage, amongst others.

Family, Wife If Married

In terms of the love life of the Pop Evil frontman, there is very little information about his romantic relationships. It appears Leigh Kakaty prefers to keep his personal life to himself and away from the media. Only close friends and family are aware of his relationship history. It is still unconfirmed whether he is single or married, either way, he is keeping the identity of whomever he is romantically entangled with a closely guarded secret.

Leigh Kakaty was born in Canada to his parents and he was raised by them. Although the singer rarely talks about his family and relatives, he has mentioned that they are quite close and have a good relationship. It’s hard to determine whether he has siblings or not because Leigh has not disclosed the existence or identity of any. For all we know, he might be an only child or an orphan, there is no way to say for sure.

Leigh Kakaty Net Worth

With nearly two decades of experience on his professional resume, Leigh has garnered fame, success, and a fine wealth, most of which has come from his music career. He is estimated to have a considerable net value, however, the exact figure is still under review at this time.

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