Leonardo DiCaprio’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Leonardo DiCaprio’s far one of the best actors we have out there, you have to admit it, he has given us some wonderful movies. His breakthrough role was on James Cameron’s Titanic, and that movie was the highest-grossing film from 1997 to 2009, when Avatar took its place, that’s 12 years!

Since then he has starred in a number of movies that have established him as a force to reckon with in show business.

He has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama, Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy,  British Academy Film Award for best actor, and after being nominated for 6 academy awards in 2016, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor for The Revenant. In addition to that, DiCaprio is an environmentalist and a philanthropist.

As much as we would love to go on and on about the numerous badges he has earned throughout his career, the topic at hand is totally different. It’s time to dig up everything concerns the actor’s statistics, beginning with Leonardo DiCaprio’s height.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Height

At first glance, how tall do you suppose he is? We all know there are people who are vertically challenged, yet have that ‘tall look’ and vice versa. We have a case of the ‘vice versa’ here, and we aren’t the only people who noticed.

While talking about his height, Leo said, ‘ That’s the number one thing people say to me constantly ‘Wow! You’re a lot taller than I thought you’d be…They have a perception, I guess, that most actors are gnomes or something.’ Leonardo DiCaprio has evidently been smiled upon by the gods of height.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

He is 6 feet tall and here are a few celebrities who share Leonardo DiCaprio’s height. There’s Chad Michael Murray, Val Kilmer, and Criss Angel. Despite the fact that he has repeatedly put it out there that he is 6 feet tall, the general public does not seem to be in sync with him.

Fans and haters alike, have gone out of their way to prove one point, Leonardo DiCaprio’s is not 6 feet tall. Movies have been analyzed and pictures have been dug up and the average guess was 5 feet 11.22 inches, and that is all we have on Leonardo DiCaprio’s height.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Weight

Most celebrities like to keep it trim, except for those whose on-screen persona is linked to their weight. Leo has had to put on and lose weight for various movie roles, so what we have for you here, is an exploration of the constant fluctuation. Doesn’t it seem like, every time you blink you see a ‘Leo of another size’?

Let’s go back in time, to the year 2010, when the actor was filming Inception, there’s no doubt that he was in good shape, the thing is he was asked to lose about 30 pounds in preparation for his role in the Oscar-winning film. Not only did he have to look good on screen, but he needed to be physically prepared to shoot the scene in which his character got into a fight.

It obviously didn’t happen overnight people, there was a strict diet and intense workouts involved and it must have paid off well because the actor appeared on screen looking as fit as ever. That particular look was short-lived though because by the end of the year he was packing on weight again.

What was the reason behind the sudden weight gain? Apparently, Leo was putting on a few pounds for his new movie, J. Edgar. After the movie he was still packing up those extra pounds, though the public made a fuss, the models he was dating consecutively didn’t seem to mind.

More recently, the actor is looking more like his old self since he acted in his recent movie, The Revenant, his movie role was pretty intense and he did some things that are crazier than losing a few pounds. Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio slept inside an animal carcass and ate raw bison for The Revenant. Yup, anything for an Oscar.

The actor currently weighs 75 kg.

Body Measurements

In addition to Leonardo DiCaprio’s height and weight, we have his other measurements here for your curious minds. His chest is 42 inches, his waist is 35 inches and his biceps are 14 inches.

As for what he puts on his feet, the actor wears a US size 12, European size 45, and European size 11.5.

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