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Being identified only as an actress wasn’t enough for Leslie Hope so she established herself as a writer, director, and producer. She is widely known for playing Teri Bauer in the hit television action drama series 24. She has made a name for herself in Hollywood, as well as in Canadian film and television industry. Since she scored her debut role in the 1981 Canadian film Ups and Downs, Leslie has found success in her chosen field and has managed to win over millions of fans who adore her work and dedicatedly follow every new stride she makes.

The talented Canadian actress has featured in several films and television series such as Knots Landing, Bruiser, Berrenger’s, Sword of Gideon, Early Edition, Blackout Effect, Chicago Hope, War and Remembrance, and Paris, France. She has also starred in Line of Fire, Suits, The River, Slasher: Guilty Party, Never Back Down, NCIS, and Crimson Peak.

Away from acting, Leslie has done a lot of production and directing work, the most notable amongst them is an award-winning documentary titled What I See When I Close My Eyes, and a short film called Gaykeith.

Leslie Hope: Biography

Leslie was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on May 6, 1965, to Frank and Ann Hope. Her only sibling is named Stephen. She completed her early education at St. Michael’s University School, a private boarding school in British Columbia.

Growing up, Leslie nursed a passion for acting. Her first film role was in Ups and Downs, in which she played Penelope; she was still in school when she landed this role. She then starred as Joanie in Love Streams, a role which earned her critical acclaim. Leslie Hope appeared as Cammie Springer in the American soap Berrenger’s and Linda Martin in Knots Landing. She went on to play Shoshana in the television film Sword of Gideon and the titular character in The Education of Allison Tale in 1986.

The fast-rising actress landed a lead role as Stephanie Lawrence in the romantic comedy, It Takes Two. She also featured in Kansas, Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Golden Land, and War and Remembrance in which she played Madeleine Henry. As her career progressed, she got to play Lucy, the heroine in the 1993 comedy drama Paris, France. However, the movie got mixed reviews and did very poorly at the box office. In 1998, Leslie starred in the movie Shadow Builder as Jenny Hatcher. Although Leslie only spent one season on the series 24 as Teri Bauer, she is respected and beloved for how much she gave the role.

Her other noteworthy features include roles in the adventure drama movie Summer of the Monkeys, and the TV shows Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Human Cargo, Commander in Chief, and Runaway.

Movies and TV Shows

Leslie has appeared in dozens of movies such as Talk Radio, Men at Work, The Big Slice, True Confections, Doppelganger, Fun, Boozecan, The Dance Goes On, Cityscrapes: Los Angeles, and Sweet Killing. You might also recognize her for the characters she embodies in Schemes, First Degree, Rowing Through, Bruiser, The Conspiracy of Fear, Water Damage, Shadow Builder, The Life Before This, The Spreading Ground, and Double Frame.

Leslie’s most recent acting credits in film include roles in The Fix, Dragonfly, Formosa Betrayed, Never Back Down, Mindfield, Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, and Crimson Peak.

On television, Leslie Hope has starred in CBS Schoolbreak Special, Hunter, American Playhouse, Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story, Party of Five, Working Tra$h, Caught in the Act, The Avenging Angel, seaQuest DSV, and Shadow-Ops, among others.

 Her other notable television appearances include The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton, An Unexpected Love, The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie, and House. With credits like these, it’s not surprising that Leslie Hope is a recognizable name in Hollywood.


Celebrity Facts About the Canadian Actress

1. Leslie Hope used to be married to the actor and writer, Jamie Angell. Their union lasted from 1994 to 1996.

2. She has a son named MacKenzie, who was fathered by her ex-husband, Jamie.

3. The accomplished actress found love a second time with Adam Kane, a director, producer, and cinematographer. She married him in 2005, however, the union ended in a divorce 10 years later.

4. Between 1996 and 2001, she also appeared in Early Edition, Vengeance Unlimited, This Matter of Marriage, Restless Spirits, Judging Amy, The Outer Limits, Level 9, The District, Sanctuary, and Robocop: Prime Detectives.

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