Lia Kim (Kim Hye Rang) – Bio and Family Life of The South Korean Dancer

Lia Kim is a South Korean professional dancer, choreographer and dance trainer. She is best known as the chief choreographer and founder of the 1Million Dance Studio. Her style of dance is urban hip-hop and funk. Kim has gained huge international recognition over the years and she has performed at several events and concerts around the world. In addition, the South Korean professional has served as a judge on a couple of reality dance shows both local and international. The dancer stands as a symbol of inspiration as well as a role model for many younger aspiring dancers around the world.

Lia Kim (Kim Hye Rang) – Biography

Kim was born as Kim Hye Rang on July 10, 1987, in Ahyeon-dong, Seoul, South Korea. She was raised in her birth country, where she schooled and achieved the fame she enjoys today. She is one of the most famous Korean pop choreographers and has trained artists such as Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation, Minzy and miss A’s Min. Kim reportedly studied at Dong-Seoul University but earned her degree in Hip-hop dance from Yon-Sei University.

Before Kim went professional, she used to be a street dancer and it was from it that she started her dance career; dancing on the streets of Seoul and competing in various street dance competitions. Through her participation in various street competitions, her fame began to grow gradually as people started to notice her skills in dancing. Gradually, Lia turned from a street dancer to a professional choreographer.

Just like she used to do on the street, when she turned a professional dancer, Lia Kim went on to compete in several dance competitions both on the national and international levels. At the Euro Battle dancing competition held in Portugal, Kim finished in second place in the popping category. At the World Dance Competition, she emerged as the popping winner. She did the same in Pop Lock Ladies and at the Dosi Hip-hop Festival.

Lia Kim has worked as a dance trainer for some of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea, such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, LEON Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. She has also performed choreography for artists such as miss A, 2NEI, Girls’ Generation, Playback, , Got7, Jang Woo Hyuk, Wonder Girls, Sunmi, TWICE, BoA, Son Dam-bi, Melody Day, WANNA B, Dreamcatcher and After School. She served as a judge at the 2016 World of Dance in South Korea, in Urban Dance Camp 2016 and in Astro Battleground. Lia was the head instructor at the Fair Play Dance Camp 2016.

Having worked as a dance trainer for some of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea as well as some other dance studios, Kim quit being a trainer to focus more on just being a choreographer. She stated that some of the reasons why she stopped being a trainer were because she felt she was selling her talents to make money and was also imparting her talents into others and wasn’t getting recognized for her works.

Aside from fame, she has attained as a choreographer, Kim has also acquired fame for being an internet celebrity. She founded the YouTube channel 1Million Dance Studio. The channel was created on February 6, 2015. It currently has over 14.2million subscribers and has recorded over 3.2billion views on its videos. 1Million Dance Studio also has 966k followers on Instagram. Kim’s personal YouTube channel ‘Lia Kim’, has over 950k subscribers and has recorded over 52million views on its videos. Her YouTube channel was created on July 16, 2012. She has over 822k followers on her personal Instagram account.

The South Korean choreographer is the co-founder of the clothing line KORE X G∆CHI. She also owns an online fashion store called SHOP LIA.


Family Life of The South Korean Dancer

Lia Kim was born to Kim Geuk-sook and Kim Jong-hwan. Her father, Kim Jong-hwan is a South Korean singer and is popularly called “Emperor of the Adult Ballard”. His most recognized works are Reason for Existence and One Hundred Year Promise. He won two Golden Disc Awards for his works in Reason for Existence and For Love in 1996 and 1998 respectively. His award for Reason for Existence was won under the category of Popularity Award, while his For Love award was won under the category of Album of the Year.

Except for her father, nothing much is known about the rest of Lia Kim’s family. She is also not reported to be tied up in a relationship with anyone as boyfriend or husband at the moment.

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