Liddlenique Bio, Boyfriend and Everything You Need To Know 

Many teens are becoming celebrities in contemporary times and appreciation for this goes to the good use they are putting the internet to. One of such youngsters is Liddlenique, an American teen who launched herself to stardom after she posted some lip-syncing videos on the app. Today, she has grown more than anyone could have imagined within such a short period of time.

While the internet is abuzz with Liddlenique’s videos, and her admirers are coming up in droves as fans on Instagram, we have chosen to take a turn for the benefit of those seeking information about her bio so such persons will learn comprehensively everything there is to know about her and probably find out if the fresh talent has a boyfriend already or not. So, satiate your quest for information about Liddlenique here and know her like she told you her story herself.

Liddlenique’s Bio and Everything You Need To Know About Her

The star was born on the 5th of March 2001 in Philadelphia, the United States of American to white American parents. She is without a doubt of white ethnicity while her nationality can’t be questioned as American. Liddlenique has her full name as Dominique Adelise Melendez but is more popularly known by her sobriquet which can be said to have been coined from her birth name.

She started her online activities on YouNow and would later give more attention to where she gained fame and drew attention to herself as one of the teen celebrities to keep a close watch on as she grows older and advances her career.

Liddlenique is still in school and is loved by all who know her. Her videos are unique for her hilarious but creative and cute dance moves with which she entertains her viewers. This has earned her more than a million views and if you have seen these videos, you will agree that she is an entertainer with lots of wits to keep anyone glued to the screen watching her do what she does best.

Though not much has been revealed about her parents and her family in its entirety, we know that Liddlenique has a cousin known online as drippyeli who is as well a muser. She has featured him in some of her music videos. Perhaps as Dominique grows her career and becomes more successful, the identity of her parents and family life will be revealed to add to what we already know about the star.


How often do we become agog when a teen is said to have a boyfriend? Probably only when the teen or teens are celebrities. This justifies why most of her fans are interested in knowing who their idol is or was in love with or not.

As private as Liddlenique might be, reports have it that she once dated Ayoo Khaos, a fellow star born on 31st January 1999 in Virginia the United States of America. Ayoo Khaos and Liddlenique began dating in 2016 and also started their career independently in 2014. This seems to connote that the two probably met on the social media app before hitting things off in real life.

Sadly, the relationship seems to be no more as Liddlenique has been reported by several sources in recent times to be single.

Well, we can’t conclude without letting you in on what we know about their breakup. Findings revealed that Liddlenique ended it. She felt insecure, assumed things and as well accused her partner a lot. For now, a relationship is not her thing as she made it known in an interview.

She seems to be giving her career the best attention it deserves at the moment and probably when she is done with school, we might get to see a lot more of her unique and funny videos.

Other Facts About Her

Birth – Her birth sign is Pisces.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements – The teen currently has a height of about 5 feet 3 inches while her body weighs around 46 kg. Her body measurements, for now, are 32-23-33 which is breast, hip, and waist.

Fashion Business – Liddlenique has already set up her clothing business called ICE FIEN whose products are targeted at young people like her. The young lady certainly wants to go places.

Insecurities – Following her breakup with her ex-boyfriend and the revelations that followed thereafter in an interview, Liddlenique obviously has things to sort out with the way she relates to the opposite sex and how she interprets things. Though jumping into a new relationship or better put, giving love another chance in her life is not her priority now, her true fans who want to see her excel in all areas of life opine that she needs to better understand how to make things work in a relationship and not assume things that do not exist.