Life and Death of Bradley Lowery: Everything You Need To Know

Bradley Lowery was a courageous and resilient 6-year old British boy who captured the hearts of many through his inspiring battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as Neuroblastoma at a very young age and he battled the illness until he succumbed to it in 2017. Even in death, his sojourn and fight with the deadly disease have remained an inspiration to many because he refused to let his illness pull him down. He remained a happy child through it all and even became a mascot for two English soccer clubs in his very short but eventful life.

Life of Bradley Lowery

Bradley Lowery was ɓorn on the 17th of May, 2011 in Blackhall Colliery near Hartlepool in Great Britain. He was born into the family of Gemma and Carl Lowery. Bradley was the younger brother to Kieran Lowery. His mother, Gemma, is the CEO of The Bradley Lowery Foundation, owner of Bella Marie Hair and Beauty Well Being salon and Bella Marie Training Academy. Nothing is known about his father’s occupation.

He never had the chance. Bradley never got the chance to grow up like every other child. At eighteen months, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma – a rare form of cancer that is popularly found among infants and young children. Neuroblastoma is caused by special cells known as neuroblasts which are left behind from the womb. It usually occurs on either of the two adrenal glands above the kidney, and sometimes occurs in nerve tissues along the spinal cord, neck, chest, and so on.

Bradley Lowery was first diagnosed with this rare cancer in 2013 when a large tumor was formed in his kidney. This tumor put a lot of pressure on Bradley’s major organs and made him very ill. The cancer quickly spread throughout his body to his chest, lungs, lymph nodes, bone and bone marrow. However, after two years of chemotherapy and major surgery, Bradley began recovering and went into remission.

Everyone thought he had beaten the illness and could now have a normal life, free from syringes, pills and hospital beds but it resurfaced again in July 2016. This time it came in a deadlier fashion as doctors informed his parents that he now had terminal cancer. Days later, the tumours spread to his lungs and he was put in palliative care. The youngster’s conditions worsened fast as the cancer continued to progress.

His parents updated the public about the state of his health by posting pictures on social media all through the episode. Also, on his 6th birthday, his mother made a post about how he missed his birthday celebration due to his ill health and a Facebook page was created for him to recieve birthday wishes from friends and the general public.

Notwithstanding Bradley Lowery’s condition, he was a happy child who would still smiled for pictures.

Social Media Fame

Bradley was brought to limelight when his parents documented the challenging life of the 6-year old neuroblastoma patient and his friendship with Jermain Defoe, his idol. Defoe is an English International player who at that time played for Sunderland, an English soccer club from 2015-2017. He played as a striker and was popular for his goals and skills.

Bradley walked with Defoe hand in hand on a number of occasions including to the Wembley’s pitch for a match against Lithuna in April 2016, Jermain scored a goal during the match which marked his return to international duty. Bradley was a huge fan of Sunderland as well as one of their mascot. He later went on to be a mascot for Merseyside club, Everton FC, too.


Bradley battled with the cancer for the next year and weeks to his death, the doctor announced a heartbreaking news of the rapid growth rate of Bradley’s cancer. A few days later, his parents reported that he had become unresponsive and could only hear but not speak to them. Throughout his illness, Sunderland and other clubs were very supportive of Bradley. They regarded him as a very brave child who was an inspiration. The English club, Everton donated £200,000 for his treatments. His parents also set up a fund to raise enough money to take him for further treatments in the US, however, despite all these efforts, Bradley still died on July 2017.

Bradley Lowery’s Death: Other Facts You Need To Know

Bradley Lowery died on 7th July 2017 in his birth place of Blackhall Colliery, London of terminal neuroblastoma. His mother announced his death through a Facebook post where she described him as “gone with the angels”.

After his death, Bradley’s mum established a charity in memory of her son called the Bradley Lowery Foundation. Its founding aim was to help people with terminal illnesses and was officially registered on August 22, 2017. About €93,000 have being raised by the foundation for the cause since its inception.

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