Life and Death of Eric Bristow, How Did He Die, What Was His Net Worth?

Eric Bristow was one of the finest professional dart players to have ever lived. Since starting his career in 1968, when he was only 11, he has gone on to dominate the sport, having his best runs in the 1980s when he won five championships, three masters, and a number of other championships. After a successful career, he retired in 2007 and became a commentator on Sky Sports coverage of darts until his death in 2018.

Life of Eric Bristow – Biography

It was as Eric John Bristow that the former dart player was born on 25 April 1957 in Hackney, London. While George, his father, was a plasterer, Pamela, his mother worked as a telephone operator.

When he was 11 years old, Eric received his first dartboard from his father who unsurprisingly, also played darts a little. Before too long after receiving the board, he became a popular face in pubs where he went to play. Prior to dart, his father took him to play golf, snooker, and pool, all of which the young Eric didn’t show the success he recorded with darts.

Described as the first superstar dart player, the early life of Eric was dominated by the sports he would come to be known for. Although he went to school, he called it quits when he was only 14. At the time, he had already started playing darts professionally. By the time he was 15, he was already making more money as a dart player than he was making with the advertising agency that he was working with as a proofreader. At the age of 16, he left his job to settle for darts.

He won his first World Masters in 1977 and the next came in 1979. By 1980, Eric Bristow had already had his first World Championship, starting a reign that would see him dominate the sports for the entire decade and many years to come. In 1981, he won both a World Masters and World Championship, a feat that he would repeat again in 1985.

By the time he retired in 2007, Bristow had already had five World Masters to his name and as much as 22 World Darts Federation titles. Also, he made the World Championship semi-finals in 1997. He remained as the No. 1 ranking dart player in the world from 1980 to 1987.

After he won his three straight World Championships from 1984 to 1986, he was given the original trophy to keep. Although it wasn’t much in terms of monetary value, he described it as his most treasured possession.

Looking at his personal life, the legendary dart player first had a long relationship with Maureen Flowers who was also a great darts player. The two remained together from 1978 to 1987 before they parted ways. In 1989, he got married to Jane Bristow with whom he remained for the next 16 years after which the union ended in divorce in 2005. Before the divorce, Eric and Jane had two children; Louise and James.

Although the former darts player was accused of assaulting his wife, the charges were later dropped. The next woman that he dated was Rebecca Gadd, with whom he remained until his death. The two met in 2011 at a darts event.

His Death – How Did He Die?

Just as he has lived most of his life around darts, so also he died around the sport on 5 April 2018 in Liverpool where he was attending a Premier League Darts event. After he finished playing, he was walking back to his car when he collapsed before he was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he did not make it. The cause of death is a fatal heart attack.

What Was His Net Worth?

When at the age of 14, he was set to quit school to pursue what he described as his future in dart, he was simply told by many to knuckle down and get a life. With time as his witness, he had indeed made a life, looking at all his accomplishments.

Years before his death, Eric Bristow pointed out that he didn’t believe in becoming the richest man in the graveyard, and so he had made millions and spent them as well. With that said, his net worth as at the time of his death is not known. However, there’s no reason to believe he was not doing great.

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