Twitch’s favorite star Lilchiipmunk has garnered a lot of following by streaming the popular battle arena game, ‘League of Legends’. Knowing they would get exactly what they’re looking for, lovers of the game often frequent her page, thereby increasing her viewership on a rapid rate. Streaming and gaming have always been a matter of interest and passion for the Twitch star little wonder she is so good in it and has made a career out of it.

Considering how successful she has grown to become over the years, people have begun to dig deep into her background and this has been raising a lot of questions about the media personality. One of such questions is that about her real name which is not Lilchiipmunk. Find out more about the internet star as you read through this post.

Lilchiipmunk – Bio, Age, Real Name

She was born on November 28, 1993, to her parents in Canada. Information about her family and background are not available but we do know that  Lilchiipmunk is of Romanian and Vietnamese descent. For those itching to know, her real name is Caroline; she only uses Lilchiipmunk as a signature name. As earlier mentioned, streaming and gaming have always been of interest to the Twitch star.

Growing up in Canada, she took this passion of hers seriously and started by playing several multiplayer games before proceeding to stream. Lilchiipmunk joined Twitch in June 2014 and grew her following with her gaming skills. Today she mostly streams League of Legends and has become very popular for it. She is known for her attractive and elegant dress sense on Twitch. Lilchiipmunk always puts on skimpy clothes while streaming the popular game.

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This has led to controversies in the past but it seems the gamer is only comfortable in such outfits. Lilchiipmunk streams in style and with so much poise. Most times she dances to the beats of the game. All these have helped her grow her a massive fan base.

Other Facts About The Twitch Star

Net Worth

Caroline has made a lot of money from streaming games.  Although she is quite private with her personal endeavors, it is generally known that her Twitch channel, as well as her other income generating activities, have grossly elevated her financial status. However, we do not know the exact figures with regards to her net worth.

Personal Life – Relationships

Although she is private with her personal endeavors, Lilchiipmunk has not succeeded in concealing details of her love life. She is in a relationship with fellow streamer Jaryd Russel Lazar, known online as Summit1g. The two seem to be so much in love with each other as they can’t help but post loved up pictures together on several platforms.

Lazar has been married before. In 2013 he got married to Desirae Lazar, also a streamer. However, they got divorced in 2017. It was after the divorce that he got involved with Lilchipmunk. The two have been dating since then and are indeed a delight to their fans. Summit1g has made appearances on Caroline’s streams a couple of times. Both of them also appear in each other’s Twitter feeds and many other social platforms.

Social Media Presence

With respect to followership, she has over fifty thousand subscribers on YouTube and a whole lot more in terms of views. On Twitch she has got over 400 thousand subscribers and also has over a hundred following. This number continues to grow as the years go by courtesy of her very unique style. She has released several videos online and always gets thousands of likes and comments with each release.

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More so, from her Twitch exploits, Lilchiipmunk is well known on YouTube and has her own YouTube channel called Lilchiipmunk. On that platform, she has also gained a massive following and always keeps her fans engaged with her unique style of streaming.


Lilchiipmunk was once banned from Twitch for her mode of dressing. If you can recall, we mentioned that she often wears skimpy clothes that tend to expose her body. This led to an uproar in the past which saw to her ban from the platform. The particular period this happened cannot be ascertained but those who frequent her channel could testify at some point that she was no longer seen on the platform.

However, the ban was later lifted and she returned again to stream League of Legends. Caroline’s mode of dressing gave rise to assumptions by some people that she garnered a large fan base as a result of her dressing, as well as her attractive dance moves. This was buttressed by facts which showed that she has more of male fans than female fans. But it seems she is quite comfortable in that style of dressing.