Lilia Buckingham is an American model, actress, and competitive dancer with professional ties to the MNR Dance Factory. She is gradually turning her dreams of being a professional dancer into a reality, one move at a time. While she never set out to seek fame on her own accord, the spotlight found her anyway thanks to her well-connected parents. Her mother is Jane Buckingham, the author behind bestselling books like The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations and The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life. Lilia came to meet and get to know a few of the performers who star in the reality television series after she was introduced to them by her mother. The friendship blossomed and they began sharing pictures of Lilia on their social media pages. Lilia grew increasingly popular and thousands of people began questioning if she was going to join the show as a contestant.

The speculations continued to soar even after the organizers of the show, as well as her family, and even Lilia herself stated that she was not in the show, nor were there any plans for her to partake in it. It wasn’t until after Lilia took a break from social media for a while that the rumors began to die down. Her Instagram following has grown to over 1 million and her YouTube channel has more than 55 thousand subscribers. Her social media fame has opened up other opportunities beyond the digital space. She has gone on to appear in television shows like and Good Morning America.

Lilia Buckingham Bio

The gorgeous dancer was born on April 9, 2003, to upper-middle-class parents Marcus Buckingham and Jane Buckingham. She has an older sibling named Jack Buckingham, whom she was raised alongside in Los Angeles. Lilia attended the Harvard-Westlake School. Lilia Buckingham began dancing when she was very young and her passion for it only grew stronger as she got older.

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She welcomed any opportunity to show off her skills, signing up for talent competitions and breaking into dance in front of any audience that would watch her. She has won a number of competitions over the years such as the Regional Junior Miss Thunderstruck Dance Icon in 2015 and the Regional Junior Rainbow Rising Stars DOY in 2013. Her rise to fame began in 2010 after she was introduced to a number of performers from the series Dance Moms by her mother, who thought it would be nice for them to hang out together since they had a lot in common. The kids began uploading pictures they had taken with Lilia Buckingham on social media which led to tons of people taking notice of her.

A lot of rumors began flying around that indicated that many people thought she was going to be a new member of the show’s cast. Lilia gained thousands of followers in what seemed like a blink of an eye and several fan pages dedicated to her sprang up in the coming weeks. Nothing that the producers, cast of , or Lilia and her family said to dissuade her new crop of fans that she was not a part of the show worked as they seemed determined to make a popular figure out of her whether she liked it or not. The attention became too overwhelming at some point, leading to Lilia deciding to call it quits with Instagram for a few years.

Lilia Buckingham is also pursuing an acting career and has featured on a number of shows such as Modern Family, Day and Night, and Good Morning America. As a model, she has posed for brands like Max & Bean, ModAngel, Dancers Keeper, and Malibu Sugar.

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Things To Know About Lilia Buckingham The Dancer

1. Her mother was involved in a fraud and cheating scandal

Her mother was charged with fraud after she paid $50,000 so someone else could take college tests in place of her son, Jack. Lilia has been facing some backlash and negative feedback following the exposure of the scheme despite her lack of involvement in it but she has handled the situation in a dignified manner so far.

2. She used to have a stalker

Lilia Buckingham was stalked by a crazy fan following her rise to fame. The girl threatened to post her phone number and other private details online if Lilia continued ignoring her messages.

3. The dancer is friends with many celebrities

Lilia is known for hanging out with a coterie of famous girlfriends including and .

4. Lilia is very athletic

She loves playing several sports such as soccer, softball, ice skating, and horseback riding. She is also very good at most of them.

5. She might become an author like her mother

Lilia Buckingham recently announced she was in the process of writing her first book, but she is yet to reveal what it will be about.