Link Neal Wife, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography 

Link Neal Wife, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography 

If you’ve heard of Rhett & Link then you definitely know that Charles Lincoln Link Neal III is the geeky-looking better half of the internet duo. To his fans and those close to him, Link is funny in an awkward way, a control freak, and someone who is prone to gagging and retching when his palate is being introduced to unfamiliar or strange food.

Link Neal Biography, Age

The Link was born on the 1st of June 1978. He was born in Boone Trail, North Carolina to his parents Charles Lincoln II and Sue Capps. Sadly, his parents got divorced when he was just two years old. Sue then got married to her high school sweetheart Jimmy Capps and got custody of Neal. After the marriage, both Neal, his mother Sue, and his stepfather moved to Buies Creek.

In grade school, Link made a friend that changed the trajectory of his life, that friend was Rhett McLaughlin. The pair first hooked up in first grade when they were asked to color mystical creatures and beasts together, this was the beginning of a lifelong friendship that would last over 30+ years. Soon the duo realized they had a mutual affinity towards pranks. Link once called his friendship with Rhett a relationship similar to fraternal twins who were similarly separated at birth.

The bromance between Link and Rhett filtered into their educational background, the pair went to the same elementary school, Buies Creek Elementary, the same middle, and high school, Harnett Central High School. They didn’t stop there and were both accepted into the North Carolina State University where they were unsurprisingly roommates.

Link and Rhett have shared every experience together, but it was when they were aged fourteen that they began their first creative endeavor by writing a screenplay for a movie called Gutless Wonders. They have shared various memories together which included multiple near-death experiences, camping trips, first jobs, and strangely enough, they had the same first and second girlfriends, Leslie and Amber. The friends were said to have signed a written contract to do something big together but unfortunately, two years later, Link lost the contract along with his wallet.

Link Neal Wife, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography 
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Neal graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 2000. After graduating, Link began working for the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) where he worked for quite some time before he left in search of a job as a full-time entertainer. He now works with his best friend Rhett James McLaughlin as an “internetainer” and the co-owner of “Mystical Entertainment”.

Link had previously stated that since he quit his last job and started working with his friend, he has gotten both job satisfaction and more money to support his family. Link’s work schedule now takes him Monday through Friday on their YouTube channel which has over 12 million subscribers. Their follow-up channel called the Good Mythical More has over 2 million followers.

Link Neal is known to be a picky eater which has been demonstrated to a large extent throughout multiple episodes which shows him gagging at a new food which earned him the nickname the “Mystical Barf Bucket” on his GMM show. Link is also known to be a neat freak, he confesses how he is obsessed with organizing things and cleaning screen surfaces on weekends.

His Wife, Kids

Link met his wife in his junior year at College. He got married to Christy White at a roller skating rink in 2000 in Kinston, NC. The couple has three children together – a daughter, Lillian Grace Neal aged 15, Charles Lincoln IV their first son aged 13, and Lando James Neal their last child aged 8.


Link Neal is no dwarf and stands at a pretty decent height of 6 feet, which is around 1.86m, he still appears a long way off his buddy Rhett in terms of height.

Link Neal Net Worth

Neal is not only a YouTube personality but also an actor and a comedian coupled with years spent working for the International Business Corporation (IBM). All these have added up to give him a net worth of $8 million. He also makes a decent earning from brand endorsements, stage performances, and revenue accrued from his YouTube Channel.

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