Lira Galore (Mercer) – Bio, Age, Height, Father, Mom, Affair, Net Worth

Lira Galore (Mercer) – Bio, Age, Height, Father, Mom, Affair, Net Worth

It is often said “the beautiful ones are not yet born,” but when we see someone like Lira Galore whose beauty surpasses known words that are adequate for giving it a befitting description, we begin to wonder whether the long-awaited beautiful ones have been for long born unannounced in the midst of men and have been beheld by only those deserving of them. Well, you are deserving to know about Lira Galore and that is why we have gathered here all the information there is about her bio, age, height, family, numerous relationships, height, and perfect body measurements not excluding how much the beauty is worth in monetary terms.

Lira Galore Biography (Age)

Lira is a former hip-hop model, exotic dancer, and social media star who was born on the 31st day of August in the year 1993 in Houston Texas. She was born to African American parents who were young and ill-prepared to raise a family when her birth occurred. As such, Lira didn’t have the best of childhood like you probably had.

It has not been revealed and verified what schools the hot model passed through, or probably didn’t finish from. However, a certain online report about her background claimed she did get some education and in fact passed out of college with honors and bought her first car afterward. The name of the institution was not given in that report to have initiated an independent verification of the claim, nevertheless, Lira is not famous today for being a number cruncher or a polyglot but someone who put her natural beauty to good use as a model and the likes.

At the vibrant age of 18, Lira Galore began working as a stripper in clubs and was making a lot of money for herself. She disclosed that she had a target of a specific amount of money to earn in doing this after which she would ditch the x-rated line of work. The former stripper kept to her words. During this time, she had an Instagram account where she started posting pictures of herself with celebrities she met, Larisa looked the part and blended in as any of their girlfriends so this naturally got people wondering who the pretty lady was. This inquiry into her identity came with the benefit of increased followership on her social media account which in like manner made her a hot target for potential modeling shoots.

By the year 2014, she posed for Hip-hop Weekly Magazine as a glamour model and made the news thereafter. She has since then seen her social media fan base expand astronomically as she kept on featuring in more and more modeling shoots, music videos, and making celebrity appearances at various functions at various times.

Lira Galore (Mercer) – Bio, Age, Height, Father, Mom, Affair, Net Worth
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Family – Father, Mom, Affair

Lira Galore didn’t have a pleasant childhood, but thank goodness she has forgiven the one person who hurt her most in life – her father. She was born as a love child to Terrence (father) and Momma Galore who at the time were very young and not ready for marriage. Her father eloped after she was born and never cared to ask after her. Much later, he married a white woman and somehow lived close enough to Lira and her mum but still never cared to check up on his first child.

Lira grew up raised by her mum but the absence of a father figure in her life did more harm than good. She didn’t understand how best a relationship between a young man and a young woman should be kept and got her fingers burnt for it. She got pregnant in her teen but lost the baby to a miscarriage. Indeed, there was a lot of suffering and pain behind the beautiful Lira we all see today. She has a forgiven heart and has since made it known that she has forgiven her father.


We won’t be judgemental of her to have piled up a lot of guys in her relationship mileage. For one thing, the industry she worked in was one that gave her access to most A-list celebrities in the entertainment world, so it is only natural to have fallen in and out of love with some of them at various times.

Before Rick Ross whom you might have probably heard of his stay with her, a couple of other deserving guys had been her love interest in the past. She was in a relationship with Earl Thomas: NFL defensive back for about one year and it ended in 2013. After that, Meek Mill, the American hip-hop artist dated her for another one year before they parted ways. She was rumored to have briefly dated Pat Beverly between 2013 to 2014 before Justin Bieber came into the picture and lasted only for some months as they called it quits in 2015. A couple of other mentions that come into her relationship history are Will Barton, Piles, and Quavo who she was with between 2016 and 2017 after her engagement with Rick Ross crashed in 2015.

At the moment, she is not known to be dating anyone or has not given an inkling to that effect. It is, therefore, safe to assume and say that she is single at the moment, maybe not searching but definitely being sought after courtesy of her mesmerizing beauty. We are sure to keep you updated when next she begins to do those things people in love do.

Lira Galore Net Worth

The former glamour model has sure smiled to the bank for the few years she has been around taking modeling shots. Her current net worth was given as being well over $300, 000 by several sources. In addition, following her interest to venture into Hollywood and if she makes it big there, she should be worth a couple of millions if not more soon.

Height and Other Facts About Her

  • Lira stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches while her body weight is 60kg.
  • Those seductive body contours she spots are 34-24-40. Her bra size is 32B.
  • She was in Thug Curry, Rick Ross’ music video.
  • Her sex tape with NBA star Lance Stephenson was once leaked. Guess what she tweeted the next day “Y’all never seen nobody suck d*** b4?? .. Everybody let’s relax.”
  • She is also referred to as Lira Mercer.

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