List of Jennifer Lawrence Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

List of Jennifer Lawrence Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

Being described as one of the best in your generation is not something a lot of people can boast about. For people like Jennifer Lawrence who has been dubbed as one of the best actresses of her generation by critics, it’s a feat that is worth celebrating. Jennifer Lawrence’s movies are proof of the talent she has, with the award-winning and noteworthy performances she has delivered in less than thirty movies she has starred in.

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born on the 15th of August 1990 in Kentucky and right from childhood the feeling of being an outlier was always present. She, however, found reprieve from this feeling when she started acting. As a student in high school, she played boys basketball, hockey, and softball. Lawrence was also a part of the cheerleading team but all of these activities did not fill her with as much fulfillment as she felt when she performed a role in a play.

As a child, she would perform in church plays or in front of her father on days he worked from the house; all these performances were leading up to a career in the performing arts. The event that turned Jennifer Lawrence’s life around and set her on the path she presently treads occurred during a family trip in New York when she was just fourteen. A scout saw her and convinced her to audition where she delivered a brilliant reading of the script given to her. Her mother had other ideas for her career choice but Jennifer’s love for acting took the front seat and today, she is a widely recognized actress.

Regardless of the talent Lawrence possesses, she has had roles that were subpar and have also been in movies where her performance was highly praised; therefore this list attempts to chronicle some of Jennifer Lawrence movies – from the best to worst of them.

Jennifer Lawrence Movies Ranked From Best to Worst 

Winter’s Bone (2010)

When Jennifer Lawrence’s career began in 2006, she had minor roles on some television shows and in some movies but in 2010, she was cast in the adapted movie, Winter’s Bone where she had to play the lead role of Ree Dolly. The movie is a tale of survival, trust in familial relationships, and the many loopholes in the legal system that can be exploited. This is one of Jennifer Lawrence’s movies that took a lot from the actress who was just twenty when she was cast in this role.

It received over twenty nominations from different award bodies, including the Academy Awards, where it got nominated for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actress in a Leading Role, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role. The movie did win some of the awards it was nominated for and qualifies as an announcement of Lawrence’s talent and skill as an actress.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

List of Jennifer Lawrence Movies Ranked From Best To Worst
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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have appeared in four movies together and Silver Lining Playbook was the first film that featured both of them. Cooper is Pat Solitano, a bipolar patient who has just been released from a mental facility. He was sent to the facility after he beat up the man his wife was having an affair with. Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Tiffany Maxwell in the movie; she is also suffering from a mental disorder and the death of her husband pushed her into depression while she uses dance as therapy for the hurt she feels. In a bid to get closer to Pat, Tiffany recruits him as a dance partner for competition in exchange for helping him get closer to his cheating wife who has placed a restraining order on him and moved out of the state.

The film follows the progression of Pat and Tiffany’s relationship from being sexually attracted to each other, to becoming friends to eventually falling in love with each other. Cooper and Lawrence delivered an amazing performance in this adapted film and like most great movies, it swept award ceremonies of 2012 with 91 nominations and 47 wins. For her performance, Jennifer Lawrence won thirteen awards, one of which was the Golden Globe for Best Actress.

American Hustle (2013)

This movie was created based on events that actually happened. In the body of work that makes up Jennifer Lawrence movies, this is one that stands out. She is Rosalyn Rosenfeld, who is the wife of the con artist, Irving Rosenfeld played by Christian Bale. Rosenfeld after getting caught by the FBI agent, Richie DiMaso decides to help the FBI in the arrest of corrupt politicians, which he does alongside his girlfriend, Sydney Prosser who is played by Amy Adams.

This story is a long winding one that explores the complexities of human behavior especially the ability to believe a lie when the truth is staring right at you. Jennifer Lawrence is able to deliver outstanding performances alongside the foray of performances delivered by the other powerhouses in the film including Bradley Cooper. For her work, she received the Golden Globe Award for the Best-Supporting Actress.

Mother! (2017)

List of Jennifer Lawrence Movies Ranked From Best To Worst
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Allegories are sometimes difficult to identify and it might be confusing the first time you encounter one but as the story continues, you begin to connect dots from the film to its subject matter. The same applies to the 2017 movie Mother! Directed and written by Darren Aronofsky, it has been described as a psychological horror film, but it is really just an allegory of the relationship between God represented by Javier Bardem and the earth or nature which is sometimes referred to as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. Jennifer Lawrence plays the titular character of Mother.

The film starts with the interruption of the quiet life that Mother and her husband lead by the death of a young man in their recently refurbished house. For most of the film, Lawrence’s character vies for the attention of her husband and even loses a child while he is caught up in the attention that is bestowed upon him. With this Jennifer Lawrence movie, she is able to give a performance that is full of raw emotion and laced with longing for a man whose desire for attention is insatiable.

Joy (2015)

This is one of Jennifer Lawrence’s movies based on Joy Mangano‘s true-life story. In this film, Jennifer once again was able to translate real-life experiences on camera. She was able to do this with a certain type of grace and just the right amount of emotion required for every scene. It is her second film with Robert De Niro and her third with Bradley Cooper.

Joy, the titular character which Lawrence played, is the inventor of a mop that can be wrung without having to squeeze it yourself. The movie is a chronicle of the struggles that come with dysfunctional families and the ups and downs that challenges entrepreneurs as they embark on starting their own businesses. Lawrence bagged her third Golden Globe for the role of Joy Mangano.

The Hunger Games (2012-2015)

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This is the franchise to which Jennifer Lawrence owes most of the fame she enjoys today. The movie comes in four parts – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 1&2 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1&2. Her character, Katniss Everdeen was not just a symbol of hope in the world of Hunger Games but to fans of the book and film as well. In the years it took to complete the trilogy, Jennifer Lawrence’s relevance in the movie industry grew immensely, but this is one of her less flattering roles. The series started on a great note but as the films progressed it struggled to get back to the excellence that was displayed in the first installment.

Passengers (2016)

List of Jennifer Lawrence Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

In a world where space travel is possible, passengers are put in hibernation that can last over ninety years. But contrary to the plan, one of the passengers on a spaceship – Jim Preston (played by Chris Pratt) – wakes up years too early as a result of his pod’s malfunction. Faced with despair and long life of loneliness where he is the only person awake on the ship, Preston sinks into despair until he sees Aurora Lane, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and decides to wake her up also.

Although it was a hit at the box office earning over $300 million on a budget of $150 million, it had an average rating with critics as they called it out on its flawed storyline and accused the writers of celebrating Stockholm syndrome.

Serena (2014)

This Jennifer Lawrence movie was a disaster at the box office as well as a big disappointment to critics who gave it the aggregate score of 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. This was Jennifer Lawrence’s fourth film with Bradley Cooper and it qualifies as the worst film she has ever appeared in. Serena is an adaptation of the eponymous novel and it is a story of how the love that existed between a young couple disintegrated. Critics mostly had issues with the film’s plot and the technical aspects of the film, leaving little praise for the performances delivered by Lawrence and Cooper.