Little Known Facts About Jake Johnson’s Wife, Erin Payne

Erin Payne is best known as the wife of the New Girl actor, Jake Jackson. Unlike most wives of other popular figures, she has no interest in the limelight. Erin is very reserved and secretive with information about her personal life. For many years, she has been very supportive of her husband and his fast-growing career while focusing on her career as well.

This beautiful woman has not only succeeded in keeping her family away from the curious public but has also maintained a scandal-free marriage with her husband of many years. In addition to acting, Mark Jake Johnson Weinberger is also a comedian and a doting husband. Below are the facts you should know about the love of his life.

What We Know About Erin Payne’s Background

It is widely speculated that Erin Payne hails from San Diego, California and that she has Asian roots. Since these unconfirmed reports began swirling around, Payne has never confirmed or denied them as she is very secretive. Also, her exact date and year of birth are not known but she appears to be in her late 40s, judging from her pictures that are available online.

Details about Erin Payne’s family background such as her full name, the names of her parents, their occupations, where they hail from, and if they are dead or alive are currently unavailable as well. Nonetheless, Johnson’s wife is believed to have had a memorable childhood and a modest upbringing, even though she has not revealed if she is an only child or not.

Unlike Erin, it is known that Jake was born in Evanston, Illinois to Ken Weinberger and Eve Johnson. Jake is of mixed heritage, his father was raised in an Ashkenazi Jewish home whereas his mom’s ancestry has been traced to Poland, Ireland, and England.

Her Education and What She Does for a Living

Erin Payne bagged a BFA in painting and drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; that was in 2002. She also acquired an MSc in Fine Arts from Claremont Graduate University in 2009; she’s an artist and painter.

Payne has built a surprisingly productive career outside the limelight of Hollywood. She makes her money through painting, for which she bagged the New American Painting Reading Choice Award in the year 2012. Erin has displayed her works at several painting exhibitions including Groundspace Project, OBJCT Gallery, Ray, Contemporary and many more. Jake’s wife has also collaborated with notable skilled painters like Cole James and John O’Brien.

Erin Payne’s Marriage to Jake Johnson

Erin and Jonathan have been together for many years, though they officially tied the knot in 2006. The couple met each other long before Jake kickstarted his acting career. According to the actor, Payne was among those who stood by him during his budding years and up to the period his efforts began yielding positive results. At the moment, information about their dating history is not available for public consumption; the exact year they met, how they met, and how long they dated before marriage is yet to be disclosed.

The painter and her husband are parents to two lovely daughters, they welcomed their twins in 2014. The kids are being raised in their family home in Los Angeles, California.

Jake Jonathan may not be the most famous actor in Hollywood but he has an impressive resume, having appeared in notable movies and TV shows such as Jurassic World, Digging for Fire, Redbelt, Paper Heart, No Strings Attached, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Unit, We Bare Bears, among many others. According to the actor, his wife has been very supportive of his career as an entertainer.

In 2017, it was reported that Jonathan signed up for The Mummy because Erin Payne was passionate to learn more about Tom Cruise and his stunts.

Social Media Presence and Net Worth

Erin Payne is active on Facebook but she doesn’t give away too much information about her personal life to the online community.

Like her husband, Payne is quite successful in her own right, having amassed a fortune from her career as an artist. Unfortunately, what she’s worth is best known to her but it has been reported in various quarters that her husband is worth $20 million.

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