Loey Lane – Biography, Husband and Family Life of The Famous YouTuber

Since her YouTube channel launched in February 2013, Loey Lane has gone from being just another Youtuber to one of the biggest stars and influencers on the platform. She found her niche by combining her love for fashion and beauty with her desire to rectify the off-kilter representations for plus sized women that exist in the industry and the impossible standards that their bodies have been subjected to. Her vlogs are filled with body positive messages, and they usually take a light-hearted tone that doesn’t undercut the seriousness of the issue she is discussing.

Loey’s goal is to create a better representation in fashion for plus size women and foster diversity in doing so. Her channel has gained more than a million subscribers and attracted millions of views. She constantly shares details about fashion brands and stores that offer stylish clothing that plus size women can rock. Her Instagram page is also very popular for the same reasons. She inspires women all over the world to look at themselves and their bodies and stop trying to conform to ridiculous beauty standards, as a result, she has found fame and success in her chosen career.

Away from her social media glory, Loey is also a published author in the horror genre, with a successful book to her credit. She is working on writing sequels as a follow up to her first novel.

Loey Lane Biography

The Georgia native was born on May 20, 1993. As a child, she had an imaginative mind and fashion became one of the outlets she used in expressing herself. Loey has always struggled with weight issues since she was a little girl, and this led her to develop an unhealthy relationship with food in order to be thin and what society considered beautiful. She became anorexic, starving herself and employing all kinds of crazy tactics in order to weigh lesser on the scale. However, after years of self-loathing, body-shaming, and the constant bullying she endured because of her weight, she decided to stop fighting her body and accept it for what it is.

She began to eat better, exercise for the sake of being healthy and looking good, and wearing whatever made her feel beautiful. Soon, she noticed that there was a huge gap in the fashion and beauty industry where plus-sized bodies are concerned, so she decided to start a YouTube channel to bridge that gap and inspire other women like her to love and accept themselves. Being fat is not a crime or a death sentence, and Loey Lane wants more people to know that and contend with the ways that fat bodies are vilified and made to seem less than human.

Loey’s eponymous channel first gained attention when she began posting pictures of herself in outfits inspired by Disney, and her shopping hauls. That combined with her frequent output of quality content made her go viral. Her channel became a safe place for women who have been neglected by the fashion and beauty industry for far too long, and her popularity skyrocketed.

She leveraged her considerable influence to kick-start a campaign in 2016, imploring Disney to pick up the baton of diversity by adding a curvy Disney Princess to their lineup. She talked about how she never found any of their princesses relatable when she was younger because they were all freakishly thin with perfect figures. Her clarion call for the need to represent different bodies led to her being interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine. Loey has worked with major body positive and diversity conscious brands like Sephora and Kohl.

In 2015, Loey Lane made the cover of Skorch magazine for her contribution towards destroying negative stereotypes that plus size women face daily. She also won a contest by IT Cosmetics for the empowering messages on body positivity that she shares on her platform. She partnered with designer Lauren Conrad in 2017 to create plus-size pieces for their brand. The YouTube star released a book titled Haunted in Hollywood: The Adventures of Loey Lane in October 2017.

Husband and Family Life of The Famous YouTuber

Loey is married to a U.S Army officer named Tyler. They met while they were still in middle school. At first, they were just friends, then they began dating on and off for about seven years until they decided it was time to take the next step since they loved each other and wanted to be together.

The couple tied the knot in 2012, in a small private ceremony. They live happily together with their many pets: a dog, a horse, several cats, and guinea pigs. Loey Lane runs an Instagram account where she posts pictures of them.

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