Lola Flanery – Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Movies and TV Shows

Lola Flanery – Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Movies and TV Shows

Lola Flanery is a young actress who is making waves thanks to her roles in series like Shadowhunters, The Mist, and Mary Kills People. Although her career is still pretty new and she is still quite young, she is effortlessly making her way into the hearts of many.

Beyond being an actress, she is also the daughter of American actor Sean Patrick Flanery. Check out her movies, tv shows, and other facts of her life and career below.

Lola Flanery Bio (Age)

On May 26, 2005, American author, martial artist, and actor Sean Patrick Flanery and his girlfriend at the time, Sacha Grierson were blessed with a daughter, Lola Flanery. Unfortunately, the relationship between her parents did not later work out.

She spent the first 3 years of her life in Los Angeles before she later moved to Toronto with her mother. As a daughter of a talented actor, it is not surprising to find out that Lola also had a knack for acting and entertainment since she was a little girl. When she was still young, she got her first gig ever in the advertising campaign for Gap, Roots & Target as a model.

In 2015 when she was only 19, Lola Flanery decided to become an actress. She got her first role in the TV movie Last Chance for Christmas in which she played the role of Madison. From then on, she has continued to be offered more gigs on TV and film.

Movies and TV Shows

As regards her career as an actress, as already stated, Lola first started her acting career when she was only 10 in 2015. By 2016, she had also appeared in the comedy, Sadie’s Last Days on Earth, taking the role of Young Sadie Mitchell. Next, she appeared in the drama thriller, Lavender in which she appeared as Alice Rutter.

In 2017, the young actress appeared in the romance drama Home Again, taking the role of Isabel and then Touched, playing the role of Caitlyn.

Apart from the films that she has taken roles in, Lola Flanery has made even more appearances on TV. In fact, it is thanks to her TV shows that she started gaining her real break as an actress in 2017, thanks to roles such as Lila DeWitt in The Mist, Seelie Queen in Shadowhunters which ran from 2017 to 2019, Cambie in Mary Kills People which also ran until 2019, and then Madi Griffin in The 100 from 2018 to 2019.

More so, Lola was in the TV movies Neverknock, in which she portrayed Jenna in 2017, followed by Season for Love in 2018 where she played the role of Seelie Queen.

Lola Flanery Boyfriend

Still a very young teenager, Lola Flanery is a very beautiful young lady who will, no doubt, grow into a very fine woman. That said, she has never been in any relationship in the past and does not have a boyfriend at the moment. Instead, she is putting in all her effort into her young acting career.

Height and Other Facts About The Actress

As regards her height, Flanery is still very young and so she is expected to grow much taller until she becomes an adult. For now, the young actress and model have a height of 4 feet 9 inches which considering her age, is very good. She has a bodyweight of 38 kg while her chest, waist, and hips measurement is 29-21-28 inches. Below are other facts worth knowing about her.

Lola Flanery – Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Movies and TV Shows

Father: As stated, the father of the young actress is the actor Sean Patrick Flanery who was born in 1965. He has appeared in many films and TV shows since he began his career in 1987. After having Lola with Sacha Grierson, they later went their separate ways and the actor met the actress and Playboy model Lauren Michelle Hill. The two later got married and the union has produced two sons.

Mother: While Sacha Grierson is not in showbiz, she has some dealings with people in the industry. She was born in 1974 in Canada and has come to work on film production for some time. She now owns a bakery, Eat My Words which she owns with her mother.

Social Media: The young actress enjoys generous followership on different social media platforms. She has more than 376 thousand followers on Instagram and then close to 50,000 followers on Twitter.

Net Worth: As regards her net worth, Flanery has not appeared in too many productions but has managed to appear in some that are successful. Thanks to this, she has a net worth that has been estimated at over $400,000.