Louis Dowler – Bio, Wiki, Spouse, Parents, All About The Model

Louis Dowler – Bio, Wiki, Spouse, Parents, All About The Model

The lives of celebrities and public icons are always a topic of interest for a whole lot of people and one of such persons whose life cannot escape the public’s eye is the British model, Louis Dowler. The model who has worked for top brands like Burberry and Tommy Bahama has also been in the spotlight for his dalliance with A-list Hollywood actresses like Kate Winslet and his former wife, Jennifer Esposito.

From the modeling industry to the food business and now real estate, one cannot help but admire Louis Dowler who is definitely not just good to look at but also has an entrepreneurial side. Learn more about his bio, parents, and every other detail as you keep reading.

Louis Dowler Bio

The successful model Louis Dowler was born on September 29, 1975, and he is currently in the prime time of his life. He was born into a British family in the town of Penzance located in the United Kingdom.

Nothing is said about his early childhood days but it is known that Louis Dowler attained education to the level of obtaining a Bachelors’s degree in Strategic Marketing from the University of Wales.

His Parents

Although the name of Louis’ mother is not known, his father’s name is given as Alexander Dowler and his parents had a total of 5 children. Moreso, it is known that Louis Dowler spent his childhood days with his siblings back in the town of Penzance and his parents catered for the whole bunch. More details about his parents and immediate family are not available at the moment.

Who Is Louis Dowler Spouse?

The British model is no stranger when it comes to a good marriage turning sour as Louis Dowler has experienced it all from his marriage to the Hollywood actress, Jennifer Esposito whom he dated from 2012 and subsequently proposed to on the 1st of May 2014. A very private wedding followed on November 16, 2014, in New York City but two years into the marriage, Jennifer Esposito filed for a divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences which were allegedly traced to their bakery business.

Prior to meeting Jennifer,  Louis had dated quite a handful of women, among whom is the popular Hollywood actress Kate Winslet whom he started dating in 2010 but their relationship did not stand the test of time as they went their separate ways just close to a year into the relationship.

Louis Dowler – Bio, Wiki, Spouse, Parents, All About The Model
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Here Is All You Need To Know About The Model

1. He Has Worked With Top-Notch Modeling Brands

As mentioned earlier, Louis Dowler started out as a model and his modeling ambition gradually began to flourish when he modeled for the popular Burberry brand and the sportswear company Tommy Bahama. Moreso, Louis had several other modeling jobs as a cover model and he was a popular face on several fashion magazines. Currently, his agents are WhyNotModels and Heffner Management.

2. He Got Into The Food Business With Jennifer Esposito

The model later drifted into the food business, thanks to his newfound love, Jennifer Esposito. Although he had no idea how to run a bakery, they were able to get other investors and eventually opened a bakery with the name ‘Jennifer’s Way Bakery’. The scope was to have a bakery with specialized food that is gluten-free.

It is also interesting to note that the business which started before their wedding was the source of the cake and other pastries that were served during their wedding.

3. Louis Dowler’s Marriage Allegedly Hit The Rocks Because Of The Bakery Business With His Actress Wife

The bakery business was doing remarkably well until there was a need for online sales which Jennifer used her blog to carry out. However, this did not go down well with the other investors which included her husband. In the heat of all this, the investors filed a lawsuit to the tune of $43 million against Jennifer and in the long run, the controversy took its toll on her marriage to Louis. The strain was undeniable and it was obvious that their marriage could not work again so, in March 2016, Jennifer Esposito took the bold step to file for a divorce.

4. The Model Was The Second Husband Of His Wife 

It is worthy to note that Louis Dowler’s wife, Jennifer was once married to the two-time Oscar award-winning Hollywood actor, Bradley Cooper. Their marriage notably only lasted for four months.

5. Louis Dowler Is Now Into Real Estate

The dashing model is currently into Real Estate and from the looks of things, he is doing pretty well in the business as he has a 6-digit net worth. His luxurious lifestyle all boils down to the fact that Louis Dowler is making quite a reasonable sum from his newfound enterprise.

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