Louis Theroux – Biography, Wife, Family Life And Net Worth, Is He Jewish?

Louis Theroux – Biography, Wife, Family Life And Net Worth, Is He Jewish?

Coming from a family known to be prolific writers, Louis Theroux has done justice to his family name by keeping their legacy alive as he has also penned down outstanding pieces that have gained international recognition. Some of his widely acclaimed works include the documentary series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, When Louis Met…, and the BBC Two specials. More so, Louis has landed awards from prestigious associations like the British Academy of Films and Television Arts and the Royal Television Society Television Award.

Louis Theroux’s Biography

Louis’s birth details show that he was born in Singapore on the 20th of May 1970 but he was raised in London. His early education was at Westminster School where he became close friends with Adam Buxton, Joe Cornish as well as Nick Clegg. Upon completion of his high school education, Louis Theroux went to Magdalen College in Oxford to study Modern History graduating in 1991 with First-Class Honours.

During his time at Oxford, he is said to have appeared in a number of school play’s like Bugsy Malone as the character Looney Bergonzi, Ritual for Puppets where he played the role of an army officer, and in the play The Splendor Falls where he portrayed a troubadour.

Early Career & Documentaries

With his excellent grades from college, Louis was offered a job by Metro Silicon Valley to fill in as a journalist which he accepted and subsequently penned down some articles for Spy Magazine. In addition to that, he reported for the series TV Nation and when the curtains were drawn on it, he moved on to BBC where he pioneered Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends which ran from 1998 to 2000. He then came up with When Louis Met… a documentary series that entails him interviewing popular persons in England in each segment.

Furthermore, Louis developed his famous BBC Two Specials program in 2003 which had documentaries like Louis, Martin & Michael, Louis, and the Nazis Gambling in Las Vegas, Transgender Kids as well as Savile. The documentary filmmaker is also credited for the series The Most Hated Family in America which was aired from 2007 to 2017.

More works from Louis Theroux include his 2014 piece titled LA Stories that had featured segments like LA Stories: City of Dogs, LA Stories: Edge of Life, and lastly, LA Stories: Among the Sex Offenders. Louis is also the brain behind the controversial documentary titled My Scientology Movie which was based on revelations made by former participants of the group, Church of Scientology.  Recently in 2017, he commenced a documentary with the title Dark States.

Louis Theroux Net Worth

With regards to his net worth, Louis has done pretty well for himself as he is known to have a whopping $4 million to his name. Well, it is definitely worth his efforts as his documentaries show that he spends a lot of resources as well as quality time to work on a piece. His awards are also evidence that he has put in his best as a documentary filmmaker.

Louis Theroux – Biography, Wife, Family Life And Net Worth, Is He Jewish?
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Family Life – Wife, Children

Louis Theroux is the son of the writer Paul Theroux and his mum is Anne Castle. He is known to have an elder brother named Marcel Theroux who is also a prolific writer and TV personality. Moving further down his family line shows that the actor Justin Theroux is his cousin and his two uncles named Alexandra Theroux and Peter Theroux are renowned writers as well. No wonder it was not hard for Louis to thrive at what he does in his documentary series as he had definitely inherited his skills for writing from his family.

The British-American documentary filmmaker was first married Susanna Kleeman in 1998 and they divorced about 3 years later in 2001. It is common knowledge that Louis’s marriage to Susanna was not borne out of love as he revealed that he had to marry her to enable her to get work permits.

About 11 years later in 2012, Louis Theroux got married to his heartthrob, Nancy Strang who is also a TV personality and they have three children together named Frederick, Albert, and Walter Theroux.

Is Louis Theroux Jewish?

It won’t be wrong to describe Louis as a man of his own life as the documentary filmmaker made it known in one of his documentaries The Ultra Zionist that as an atheist, he does not practice any religious activity. On this note, Louis Theroux is not Jewish nor is he a staunch member of any religious movement.

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