Where Is Louise Mandrell Now And Who Is Her Spouse? 

Where Is Louise Mandrell Now And Who Is Her Spouse? 

The second of the three Mandrell sisters, Louise Mandrell, was among the top female sensational country singers several decades ago. Although she never quite gained worldwide popularity as her sister Barbara, she attained fame at a national level. She and Barbara also ran a variety show with their younger sister, Irlene. Being a popular figure, Louise Mandrell has a good number of loyal fans who are craving answers to the question – where is Louise Mandrell now? And not just that, but also what she has been up to and who her spouse is. Find out here.

What Is Louise Mandrell Best Known For?

Texas-born Louise Mandrell is an actress and singer of country music best known for the latter. She and her sisters, Barbara and Irlene, are the daughters of homemaker and world war vet – Mary Ellen and Irby Matthew Mandrell respectively. Both of the Mandrell parents have musical backgrounds; their mother was a musician while their father, in addition to being a war vet, was also an experienced musician and a police officer.

Louise Mandrell was born on 13th July 1954 into music and she grew up to develop an interest in it as well. Her 5-year-older sister, Barbara, followed their parents’ footsteps into music. She learned to play different instruments including the guitar and started singing early enough that she was touring with one of the 20th Century’s most influential singers, Patsy Cline, by the early 1960s.

Louise, in turn, followed her sister’s footsteps and learned to play different instruments as well and soon, both sisters became the lead singers in the Mandrell Family Band, established by their parents, and together they toured the U.S and Asia.

Where Is Louise Mandrell Now And Who Is Her Spouse? 
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The third Mandrell sister, Irlene, also took the entertainment industry path but not music, she chose fashion and acting with a bit of interest in music. Nonetheless, Barbara and Louise took their music to the professional level and Barbara became a popular professional hit in the early 1970s. Riding on her sister’s popularity, Louise joined her sister’s band and started performing with them.

Louise spent her first studio time on Always Wanting You, a song that soon became a No. 1 hit in 1975. Three years later, she joined Epic Records label, released her first single Put It on Me that year. The song made it to Top 100 country songs on the 1978 US Billboard.

In 1980, Louise Mandrell showcased not only her vocal talents but also her comedy and musical instruments dexterity on her and her sisters’ eponymous variety show – Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. The three sisters co-hosted the show on NBC and it often featured comedians and musicians until it was canceled in 1982.

The 1980s were the best years of Louise Mandrell’s career, she joined RCA Records in 1981, released a song which charted top 20 and two top 40s in ’82, two top 10s and a top 15 in ’83 and the streak continued with her I Wanna Say Yes in 1985 which made it to top 5.

Her songs continued making the charts until 1988 when she parted with RCA Records; she still went on to release some songs in the ‘90s and continued performing in theatres. Her father was her and her sisters’ manager for over three decades and he did a good job with all three of them.

Where Is Louise Mandrell Now?

Louise Mandrell opened her own theatre in September 1997 in Pigeon Forge, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, and called it ‘The Louise Mandrell Theater. She often performed at the 1400-seat Theatre and incorporated other genres like Jazz and Big band. She sold the theatre in December 2005 but continued to perform at corporate and special events like in Washington DC with the US Army Band in 2007. She continued performing at such shows and going on tours until her last in December 2011.

She played the lead role in the Dinner stage play, Calamity Jane, shown at Roger Rocka’s Theatre in Fresno, California on September 16, 2012; she then reprised her role on September 15, 2019. She was also featured on a radio program called Opry Country Classics on October 3, 2019. Mandrell has a few acting credits and has appeared in numerous TV programs.

Who Is Her Spouse?

Louise Mandrell is currently married to John Haywood, who she got wedded to in July 1993 after three unsuccessful marriages. Her first marriage was to Ronald Shaw (1971-1973), her second was to country musician Gary Lamar Buck (1975-1978), and her third attempt was with R.C. Bannon (1979-1991). She adopted a child, Nicole Mandrell Shipley, with Bannon in 1986 and became a grandmother for the first time in 2013.

Beyond the aforementioned details, sadly, there isn’t a lot of information available about John Haywood online.

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