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YouTube in recent times has been the source of fame for a lot of people, with different participants making diverse forms of content from gaming to makeup and hair tutorials, all of which appeal to a broad range of viewers. One of the creators of such contents is the Brazilian singer, Luciana Zogbi. This young woman has created a name for herself and built a career in music that has its roots traced to the song covers she performed and posted on YouTube. To learn more about Luciana Zogbi, keep reading.

Luciana Zogbi’s Bio (Age)

This YouTube star was born in 1994, on the 27th of October; she was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she spent most of her childhood, as well as her adulthood. It is believed that Luciana Zogbi is of Brazilian and Lebanese heritage and this influenced her music choices as a child.

As a young girl, Zogbi always had an affinity to music and with support from her family, her love for music was fostered and grew. Her earliest experiences in performing music in front of an audience were at local talent shows, as she grew older, so did her fan base and she started performing at bars and coffee shops. There is no information available about her educational background because Luciana Zogbi happens to shy away from the spotlight and this means that there are certain aspects of her life that she has kept away from the public on purpose.

Luciana Zogbi later decided to start uploading videos of herself performing covers of popular songs on the video streaming website, YouTube. She created her YouTube channel on the 7th of October, 2011, but she did not post anything until the 9th of January 2014. This video received eight to nine million views and it was a cover of John Legend’s All of Me. This launched her into fame and she subsequently posted more videos.

She has done covers of songs by musicians like , , , and U2, however, none of these videos has as many views as her first but they raked in over a million views as well.

Zogbi has over 2 million subscribers and has a total number of views that exceeds two hundred million. The largest part of her fan base are people from her native home of Brazil and Indonesia. On her channel, she has also done covers with other musicians, one of whom is who also does covers on YouTube.

Encouraged by the success that she has enjoyed by doing covers of other artists’ songs, Zogbi, in 2019, began making her own songs. Her first song is titled Down by the River, she released the music with an accompanying video on her YouTube channel.

Family, Sister

The manner in which Luciana Zogbi rose to fame makes it difficult to know certain details about her family. Little to nothing is known about her parents or siblings if she has any. All that is known about this YouTube star’s family is that they are middle-class and have always supported Luciana’s decision to go into music.

Most stars find ways to publicize their romantic relationships, but Luciana Zogbi who is already a very reserved person has kept this part of her life private. As a result of this, she has never been romantically linked to anyone.

Height and Other Facts About Luciana Zogbi

1. Unfortunately, Luciana Zogbi’s exact height isn’t publicly known, however, judging from her videos, one could deduce that the songbird is of an average height standing at a few inches above 5 feet.

2. Luciana Zogbi is an avid fan of art and she loves to visit museums.

3. YouTube is not the only online media platform that she is popular, Zogbi has over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram. She isn’t on Twitter but has a parody account operated by an avid fan.

4. Zogbi loves beaches and is an advocate for the eradication of plastic pollution, especially in terms of the adverse effects they have on marine life.

5. Not only is Luciana Zogbi a fan of music, but she is also a fan of dogs and has had a few as pets in the past.

6. Football is a national sport in Brazil and the country is often referred to as the country of football with more than 10,000 Brazilians playing the sport professionally. This love for football is also experienced by Luciana Zogbi who is a huge fan of the game and tries to watch as many matches as possible.

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