Lucky Yates Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Attaining widespread popularity from one’s endeavors in the entertainment industry has a lot to do with talent, you will absolutely have no doubt about that sentiment until you come across people like Lucky Yates. It is normally, very apparent that these guys are super-gifted with the aptitude and skill that’s supposed to see them naturally thrive in the industry. But somehow, they remain perpetually unknown to a larger portion of the public and are only celebrated within a limited scope.

Anyone who has been fortunate to come across any of Lucky Yate’s works as a puppeteer, comedian, writer, voice actor or actor, would agree that he’s been quite unlucky or yet to strike his luck. The man deserves to be famous not only in the United States of America but globally.

Perhaps, someday, Lucky Yates will get the viral attention he’s worthy of, when that day comes, we can hope to learn as much as is desired about the early days of his life and other facts about the man. In the meantime, let’s share the little we know about him.

Lucky Yates’ Biography

Lucky Yates was born Matt Yates. While we can’t precisely tell where his place of birth was, we can confirm that he’s a native of Michigan’s largest city, Detroit. If Yates is one of such individuals who celebrate their birth anniversary each year, he’d be observing the day every 18th of October. He was born on that date in 1967.

The not-too-significant popularity Yates enjoys comes from his voice-over roles as Xtacle and Dr. Krieger respectively on Frisky Dingo – Adult Swim’s animated cartoon series – and Archer – FX’s adult animated sitcom. Beyond being a voice actor, Lucky Yates as mentioned earlier is an actor, writer, puppeteer, and comedian. There’s more to that, the entertainer was once the host of Atlanta’s live on-stage weekly talk show – The Lucky Yates Talk Show. We also learned that he is a model.

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Mr. Yates

1. Yates’ Passion for Acting has Been Traced to his First Grade

While most of us don’t know what we’d really love to have as our career, even as adults, it’s a different case for Lucky Yates. It is said that he knew he was cut out for acting right from when he was in his first grade. Despite this, he didn’t do much to pursue his passion until Brat Hansard, his friend and roommate in college urged him to leave New York and settle in Atlanta where he stands a better chance to become who he’s always wanted t be.

2. He Studied Theatre at Wayne State University

Although it took a college roommate to remind Yates what his passion was, he made several decisive decisions to propel and drive himself through the line of work he picked as his life profession. One of such decisions was to study theatre at Detroit’s public research institution – Wayne State University.

3. Lucky Yates Once Worked with Georgia Public Broadcasting

It wouldn’t be wrong for one to assert that Yates has gathered abundant experience that has brought him close to being a veteran in the business of entertainment. There was a time he served at Georgia Public Broadcasting, a state television network. His duties revolved around a show – Salsa. Apart from utilizing short fairy stories to teach the show’s viewers Spanish words, he got to learn video puppetry.

Meanwhile, the state television network wasn’t the only media outlet Yates worked with. His resume wouldn’t be comprehensive if it didn’t highlight that he worked with the Center for Puppetry Arts’ box office.

4. He has Been Performing at Dad’s Garage

It’s most probable that you will encounter Lucky Yates anytime you visit Dad’s Garage Theatre at the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta. He’s been performing at the non-profit comedy theatre for a while now. Dad’s Garage is known for its scripted show and improv comedy which has made it a popular destination as far as Atlanta’s nightlife is concerned.

5. Lucky Yates’ Film and Television Roles

Over the years, the man has played a role or another in a handful of films and much more in television. For the former, his most recent role was in the 2017 drama film, Axis where he voiced a radio host. Before this, Yates played another voice role in 1999’s musical comedy and adventure film, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

In television, his roles span through 2003 when he started playing various roles in the cooking show Good Eats (2003 – 2012) to date. His most recent role on television was in 2016’s Hidden America with Jonah Ray where he appeared as a Cop. Of course, Yates as aforementioned had voice roles in Frisky Dingo and Archer.

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