Luke Harper Wife, Son, Family, Age, Height, Biography

One of Wrestlemania’s finest and a resilient fighter, Luke Harper is not one to be messed within the ring. You might want to keep close track of him when watching his fights because the wrestler can be quite ‘slippery’ if you know what I mean.

Apart from his longbeards, there’s really so much more to know about the professional wrestler who fights under the name Harper, and you’re about to find out.

Luke Harper Biography – Age

He was born Jon Harper on December 16, 1979, in Rochester, New York. Wrestling for him was a leisure exercise, an ordinary game while growing up. It was the same for his brother who also had a flair for wrestling.

Luke and his brother started out as backyard wrestlers Huberboy #1 and Huberboy #2. Luke who was Huberboy #2 graduated from backyard wrestling after he was trained by Kirby Marcos while in Rochester.

Harper soon gradually grew into a pro and made his professional debut in 2002 when he wrestled for Roc City Wrestling (RCW). Luke who still held on to his name Huberboy 2 at the time later changed it to Brodie Lee while under Rochester Pro Wrestling (RPW). The name Brodie Lee was inspired by a Kevin Smith film, Mall Rats which featured a Harper lookalike named Brodie (Jason Lee in real life). Lee exuded magnificence while at RPW owning fights, setting standards, and winning heavyweight championships.

It was in 2007 that Chikara Wrestling Promotion got hold of Huber. Though he lost to Equinox at his debut, he still believed in himself and Chikara was nowhere close to doubting his potentials. The fight was an unplanned face-off as Brodie Lee who was only visiting backstage friends was asked to fill in for ‘Reckless Youth’ who didn’t show up for the match. The substitution did not only made him stronger but prepared the grounds on which he defeated Equinox at their subsequent fight and earned himself the respect of his counterparts.

His Chikara experience included several alignments with other wrestlers, name adoptions and even bullying of small wrestlers. Harper became a huge competitor in the field and other wrestlers opted to get a fight with him. He was Challenged by many including Claudio Castagnoli, with whom he had a longtime feud.

Another alignment he had was with Eddie Kingston and Grizzly Redwood in 2008. Forming a stable with the gimmick ‘The Roughnecks’ they undertook several fights defeating UltraMantis Black, Crossbones and Sami Callihan, and others.

In 2011, Chikara held its first ever singles championship and Huber was inclined to participate. He, however, pulled out of the competition due to a sustained injury. He later exited the promotion in 2012.

Before Chikara’s championship, Lee wrestled for Syracuse, New York-based Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW), in 2007. He also worked in Ring of Honour (RoH) from 2008 to 2009 where he teamed up with a stable, “The Age of the Fall”, collaborating with other fighters to set the pace of modern day wrestling.

Jersey All Pro Wrestling also had a feel of Lee’s stunts, as well as Evolve, Dragon Gate USA, and Dragon Gate.

Luke Harper went ahead to feature on WWE after he signed a developmental contract in 2012. He started out with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) where he made his Television debut with the Wyatt Family. Harper was named the first son of the family by Bray Wyatt who also named Eric Rowan as the second son of the family. Rowan and Haper made so many wins together, defeating Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty, Neville and Bo Dallas, Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno, and others.

Luke Harper also had his first Smackdown fight in July 2012 when he defeated Tons of Funk alongside his Tag teammate Rowan.

In 2014, The Wyatt family were dissolved; courtesy of vignettes and Haper and Rowan went on to become single competitors. However, he made his way back to the Wyatt family in July 2015 and amassed more wins.

Haper and Rowan unveiled a new name; the Bludgeon Brothers in 2017. He made his way back to Television on an episode of Smackdown which took place on October 10 that year.

His Net Worth

The media has not been able to get their grips on Haper’s net worth. However, some sources have estimated it to be 3 million dollars. Some sources have also reported his yearly income to be $90,000.

Luke Harper’s Family, Wife and Son

Haper found love within the wrestling family. He got married in 2008 to Synndy who is also a professional wrestler. A chaotic world of wrestling and feuds soon turned out to be a love nest for the two.

They had their first child, a son, Brodie in 2012. Little Brodie was named after Harper’s independent wrestling name since he dropped the name upon joining the WWE.

Luke Harper and his wife had another son in December 2017, when he was fully into the WWE. Harper had left the SmackDown Live’s South American Tour that year to be with his wife who had gone into early labour that month.

Height and Weight

He is not just huge on TV but has a prominent stature. Luke Haper stands at a height of 1.96 m and weighs 125 kg. This is quite soothing for his ponderous biceps and well partitioned six packs.