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Someone who described himself as a Drama Nerd, Luke Kirby is an actor who has become popular for his roles in films like Mambo Italiano and Halloween: Resurrection. He began his career in his early 20s in 2000 and since then, he has done everything as regards acting from TV to films. Nonetheless, it is mostly for his performance on films that he has gained much recognition for the ease that he brings to acting.

Luke Kirby Biography

The actor was born Luke Farrell Kirby on June 29, 1978, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to American parents. Both of his parents were first in the United States, living in New York City before they decided to relocate to the Great White North in 1974, four years before the birth of the actor.

Since he was a little kid, Kirby has always had the flair for acting and so he went to a theatre conservatory, the National Theatre School of Canada where he studied drama. His first acting role ever was when he was in grade 2, in a production of Peter Pan in which he took the role of a lost boy. From then on, he has been a part of many theatre productions.

As an actor, Luke Kirby developed pretty very fast that when he was almost rounding up theatre school, he was recommended by a director in the school for a role available for the film Lost and Delirious. He went for the audition and ended up having the role of Jake Hollander in the 2001 Léa Pool-directed movie. That was his first film acting role.

Movies and TV Shows

Since 2001 when he acted in Lost and Delirious, Luke Kirby has appeared in close to 20 other movies including Mambo Italiano (2003), Shattered Glass (2003), and The Greatest Game Ever Played (2004). He was also in All Hat and The Stone Angel in 2007, Labor Pains (2009), Take This Waltz (2011), Fury (2012), Empire of Dirt (2013), Mania Days (2015), A Dog’s Purpose (2017), and Another Kind of Wedding (2017). His most recent films are Little Woods (2018) and Glass (2019).

Apart from the movies, he has also given a good account of himself on TV where he has got some little and other significant roles. He made his debut in the miniseries Haven in 2001 and appeared in the TV film Halloween: Resurrected in 2002. From 2003 to 2005, he was in Slings and Arrows and then in 2004, he was in yet another miniseries – Sex Traffic. He also appeared in Tell Me You Love Me (2007), Cra$h & Burn (2009 to 2010), Rectify (2013 to 2016), The Astronaut Wives Club (2015), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017 to 2018), and The Deuce (2018).

From his great resume as an actor and all he has been able to achieve through his hard work and talent all through the years, the Canadian actor has a net worth that is estimated at $2 million. More so, he has been nominated for a number of awards including the Gemini Award and Canadian Comedy Award.

Luke Kirby’s Wife and Family Facts

In the relationship department, the actor, just like many other celebrities prefer to always keep things as private as possible. However, it is known that he has been married in the past. In 2008, he met the American Actress Alison Elliott who is 8 years older than the actor. The two dated for a number of years before finally deciding to become man and wife in 2012.

Their union was not meant to last forever as not too long afterward, they both went their separate ways in divorce. The marriage did not produce any child.

Following the divorce, Luke Kirby saw himself back to the dating arena where he was linked to a fashion designer, Andrea Sarrubi. The two became an item for a little while, but nothing came out of it. Next, there was a strong rumor that he was having a thing with , the ex-wife of Hollywood’s A-list actor, . This time around also, there was nothing that came off it and the rumor was not confirmed.

For now, it is not known who the Canadian-American actor is going out with. The following are family facts worth knowing about the actor:

1. His father was brought up in the eastern seaboard and his mother who was originally from Brooklyn.

2. Kirby revealed that both of his parents are idealists.

3. When his parents moved to Canada, he revealed that what they had was $500. They made use of this money to buy a farm which was where he was brought up.

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