Maddie Hasson – Biography, Husband, Movies and TV Shows

Before she got her first role as a professional actress in the 2011 movie, God Bless America, in which she portrayed Chloe, Maddie Hasson had already shown many years earlier that she was cut out for the entertainment world. The American actress who has come to make her name for her roles in productions like The Finder and Twisted has already achieved a lot in a career that is less than a decade old with more than 10 movies and TV shows to her name as well as nominations and awards.

Maddie Hasson Biography

The actress was born Madelaine Hasson on January 4, 1995, in New Bern, North Carolina, the U.S. It was here that she was raised by an oral surgeon father, Michael Hasson, and a mother who was a housewife, Catherine Hasson. She also has two sisters with whom she was brought up, one of whose name is given as Anna Hasson.

Since from a very young age, Maddie had already developed a love for entertainment and because of this, she began dancing when she was only 7.

Not long after she started dancing, she was signed by FoxTroupe Dance Company with which she went on to improve herself and win many awards. More so, she got to go to Broadway Dance Theatre in New York City thanks to a scholarship. Next, she was off to Opera House Theatre Company where she kept developing her acting skills with more roles.

With so much promise, her manager, Ric Beddingfield, convinced the parents of the actress to allow her to go to Los Angeles and try some auditions. A month was all her reluctant parents gave her to either land herself a role or be back to continue with her education and proceed to college.

After this, she moved to Los Angeles with her mother and a month into coming over, she got her role in God Bless America, kick-starting a career that has been awesome thus far.

Movies and TV Shows

As already stated, Maddie Hasson started her professional career in 2011 when she got the role of Chloe in the black comedy thriller film, God Bless America. The next film she appeared in was Underdogs (2013), in which she portrayed Renee Donohue.

In 2015, she got what would be one of her confessed toughest jobs in her young career when she portrayed Billie Jean in the biographical drama film, I Saw the Light. In that same year, she appeared as Daschulla in A Light Beneath Their Feet, followed by a portrayal of Shelly in Good After Bad in 2016. In 2017, she was in the short film, Ape, as Blonde and also in Novitiate as Sister Sissy.

She has also done equally well on TV where she has a number of titles to her credit. She made her TV debut in 2012 when she got to play the role of Will Monday in Fox TV series, The Finder. Also in 2012, she appeared in an episode of Grimm as Carly Kampfer.

Her next big role came in 2013 when she portrayed Jo Masterson in the ABC Family TV series, Twisted. Her work in the show earned her a Teen Choice Awards nomination for Choice Summer TV Star: Female. In 2014, she got another Teen Choice Award nomination for the same show in the Choice TV Actress: Drama category.

The actress played Alice in Mr. Mercedes (2017) and then in 2018, she got another major role in Impulse, where she portrayed Henrietta Coles (Henry).

Her Husband

A woman with great beauty, Maddie Hasson met love rather early and she wasted no time in settling down. She got married at the age of 20 to her husband, Julian Brink. While he is not so much popular, Brink is a composer and an actor who is known for Sommerfrei (2013).

Though there is not so much information about her husband, it is known that he’s from South Africa and still has members of his family there. The couple travels a lot to different parts of the world and does not fail to also visit the home country of Brink, where his language is Afrikaans. Because she does not have the ears for languages, the actress is still trying to find a way of learning it.

Years into their marriage, Maddie and Julian seem to be going very strong and the actress keeps sharing her pictures together with her husband on social media. Also, they always attend public events together but are yet to start having kids together.

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