Madonna’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Madonna’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

She is hands down the Queen of Pop and no one has really been able to dethrone her since then, among so many other things make her such a worthy topic for today. Before we get into the topic of Madonna’s height, weight, and body measurements, let us check out a few fun facts about the artist herself.

She was born Madonna Louise Ciccone on August 16, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan to Catholic parents Silvio Anthony “Tony” Ciccone and Madonna Louise Fortin.

Her family members called her ‘Little Nonni’ because she shares the same name with her mother.

Talk about two sides of a coin; throughout her career, Madonna has given off the bad girl vibe, it totally throws you off the fact that she was actually a nerdy kid who had straight A’s. In addition to that, there was once a time that she aspired to be a nun when she got older. Oh, the irony of that.

Madonna’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Madonna Snr., if we may call her that, never got the chance to see her daughter become the star she is today, mostly because she passed away as a result of cancer when Madonna was just 5 years old. The star explained it as ‘one of the hardest things I’ve faced in my life.

You may not have noticed this, mostly because she was busy dominating the music world, but Madonna has starred in 22 films in total, the last one being 2006’s Arthur and the Invisibles.

Madonna has had her fair share of prominent guys she has dated, her list has the likes of John F. Kennedy Jr., high profile actors, directors, musicians, and athletes and more recently she revealed that she briefly dated Tupac Shakur. She revealed on the Howard Stern Show that they dated in the 90s and even recorded an early version of I’d Rather Be Your Lover together.

Madonna is among a group of celebrities that feel like having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is overrated, she was offered one back in 1990 and boy was she totally uninterested in it.

Well, that seems to be enough, for now, let us move on to the topic at hand beginning with Madonna’s height.

Madonna’s Height

She is quite the petite person, but then again she is ample proof that big things can come in small packages. Here is what the star had to say about her height, ‘ I always wanted to be taller. I feel like a shrimp, but that’s the way it goes. I’m 5’4″ – that’s actually average. Everything about me is average.’

Madonna’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Actually, she stands one inch below the average height of an American woman, and on top of that people believe that she is actually shorter than that. If they are right, then that is one small woman, but hey, everyone knows that short girls have all the fun.

In that vein, let’s check out some other fun ladies; here’s a list of notable female celebrities who stand as tall as the star. Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Victoria Beckham, Isabella Adjani and Pink all share Madonna’s height.

Madonna’s Weight

She has kept a pretty trim figure throughout her career to date, she weighs 52 kilograms and she makes every kilogram look good. There are a lot of speculations surrounding the fact that Madonna is in her 50s but does not look a day over 30… or even less in some cases.

Lots of people believe that she has had a whole lot of work done all over her body; it all ranges from rumors of breast lifts, facelifts, nose jobs, cosmetic dentistry, and botox injections. That is a whole lot for just one person, but then again you cannot be sure that she has done it all.

Madonna’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

For her body though, you have to give some credit to her personal trainer, she lifts weights, does cardio routines, yoga, and pilates. In addition to that, she sticks to a strict diet as she has stated that she does not want to stay at home and get fat, we highly doubt that would happen with her dedication.

Madonna Body Measurements

In addition to Madonna’s height and weight, here is a summary of her body measurements.

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Weight: 52 kilograms

Body Type: Hourglass

Breast Size: 34 inches

Waist Size: 26 inches

Hips Size: 34 inches

Shoe/Feet Size: 8 US, EU 38-39, UK 6